Sleepy Joe, Kamala Harris Claim They’ll Somehow Win 2022 Midterms

Joe Biden has made election victory promises that he's very unlikely to keep. (Shutterstock)

Democrat President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris have made rather forceful promises to the Democratic National Committee; these promises might be the result of Christmas wishful thinking.

Both Biden and Harris perplexingly and overconfidently promised the Democrat Party is going to win the 2022 midterm elections.

The seemingly unfounded promise comes against the backdrop of several major crises their administration caused. These crises include the skyrocketing inflation and public approval ratings that are steadily plummeting for Biden and Harris.

Emboldened Joe Threatens GOP Over 2022 Elections

Sleepy Joe spoke for about ten minutes at the DNC party at an outdoor venue because of COVID-19 concerns, the Daily Mail reported. The “glamorous” end-of-the-year event was attended by a crowd of 400 top Democrat apparatchiks and key donors to the party.

A puzzlingly emboldened Biden attacked the Republican Party, claiming it is “following” President Trump “into the abyss”, apparently referring to persisting concerns the 2020 presidential election may have been rigged in favor of the Democrats.

“Get ready, pal!” Sleepy Joe declared, saying he was speaking to his “Republican friends”, and added the GOP is “in for a problem” during the 2022 midterms.

Biden is seemingly oblivious of how poorly his administration is doing on every major count. Even pollsters with a leftist bias are finding Biden’s ratings to be in the 30s, while his vice president’s ratings are in the 20s.

Biden further attacked the GOP because, in his words, it doesn’t “stand for anything”, and instead is “against everything.” As if to convince himself, he reiterated Democrats are “going to win” the midterm elections in 2022.

In his brief speech, Biden also managed to tout the adoption of his $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill. This was passed only thanks to the support of some Republican lawmakers in both the Senate and the House.

Biden then called upon the Senate to also pass his staggering federal government spending bill known as “Build Back Better.” Its gigantic price tag of $1.75 trillion will add hundreds of billions of dollars to the federal deficit, while also likely spiking further the already skyrocketing inflation, which is the highest in 40 years.

Biden then threw further highly questionable accusations at Republicans for launching an “unrelenting assault” against Americans’ voting rights. This was apparently a reference to the electoral security legislation adopted by many GOP-led states in wake of the controversial 2020 vote.

Biden’s veep Kamala loves to talk about how she and the other Democrats are “fighting for the people”. Or will be fighting for the people at some point. (Shutterstock)

In Empty Shelves Joe’s ‘Capable’ Hands

In her own speech before the DNC, Vice President Kamala Harris claimed the Democrat Party stands “for the people” and “will fight” for those people.

She delivered an unremarkable tirade that seemed to correspond to her overall insipid performance on the job that has seen her ratings dwindle to 28% in a November USA Today poll.

This is throwing Democrat strategists in a panic over the possibility that Harris might succeed the elderly Biden during his term or as the Democrat nominee for president in 2024.

However, the most bewildering speech at the Democratic National Committee party seems to have been delivered by Nancy Pelosi, the Democrat Speaker of the House.

She actually lauded the man aptly nicknamed Empty Shelves Joe as the “perfect” president for coping with both the inflation crisis – which he created in the first place – as well as the COVID-19 pandemic – which Biden seems to be mishandling all the time.

Pelosi actually went so far as to declare the USA “couldn’t be better served.”