Texas Governor Shows First Section of State-Built Border Wall

Texas' GOP Governor Greg Abbott have moved to defend the US from illegal immigration as the Biden administration has sought to do exactly the opposite. He showed the first 880 feet of the Texas border wall on Saturday. (Gregg Abbott's Twitter profile)

With Sleepy Joe Biden totally abdicating his duty to defend the sovereignty of the United States, some state authorities along the US-Mexico border have moved to fill in the power vacuum.

The most large-scale response to the Democrats’ refusal to defend America’s security has been that of Texas’ Republican Governor Greg Abbott.

‘Biden is Doing Nothing’

Abbott has moved to do what he can in order to protect both the state of Texas, and the entire United States, from the influx of massive waves of illegals.

Abbott was in Starr County, Texas, near the Rio Grande, on Saturday. He showed the first section of the state-sponsored border wall, and announced the start of further construction. This is going to cost about $1 billion in state funding and another $54 million in private donations.

The first, already constructed section of the Texas-sponsored border wall is 880 feet long. It is being built by engineering company Posillico Civil Inc., to which Abbott assigned in November a $162 million construction contract.

The Texas governor already moved to counteract the illegal immigration crossings by launching Operation Lone Star Initiative; this uses the Texas Department of Public Safety and the Texas National Guard to combat the migrant invasion.

Under the initiative, the Texas authorities put US steel shipping containers on the borderlines in order to prevent illegals from crossing into the United States.

Abbott tweeted on Saturday that Biden is “doing nothing,” while Texas is moving to protect the state and the nation by “securing the border.”

He told Fox News Texas wall’s construction will be carried out faster than the federal border wall construction under the Trump administration.

Owners Rushing to Donate Land for Wall

The Texas border wall is being constructed on land that is either owned by the state, or has been donated for the purpose by private landowners. Abbott said about 100 miles of privately-owned stretches of land have been donated to the state by landowners.

They are “so fed up” with the Biden administration they are gladly making the donations.

Abbott also emphasized the state legislature slated $3 billion of “Texas taxpayer money” in order to secure the border. Moreover, the state government doesn’t suffer at all from a shortage of funding in order to keep building the wall.

The governor noted it would be cheaper for the state than it was for the federal government under President Trump. After all, the state of Texas owns most of the land it needs along the border.

Abbott also announced that the state government is both seeking funding from the federal government, and planning to sue the federal government in order to be reimbursed for the border wall construction – since that is supposed to be Washington’s job.

Since May 2021, the monthly number of illegal immigrant encounters at the border has been around 200,000, and the figures don’t take into account those who get through undetected.

Texas’ GOP Governor Greg Abbott showed the first 880 feet of the state’s border wall. Gregg Abbott’s Twitter profile)
Texas’ GOP Governor Greg Abbott showed the first 880 feet of the state’s border wall. Gregg Abbott’s Twitter profile)