Transgenderism Launches Secret Attacks on Children, Parents Across America  

The deceptive ideology of transgenderism and “gender” identity is on a highly perfidious offense all across America.

Different schools are urging kids to “transition” – as they call the vile “sex change process.”

They are also going to great lengths to keep this secret from parents and target those who speak out.

Transgenderism targets the very basics of the American family, seeking to convince our most innocent that they are of different made-up “genders.”

Cracking Down on Middle Schoolers with Transgenderism Indoctrination

There are growing numbers of cases of schools targeting America’s youngest with transgenderism and doing so in secret.

What’s even more shocking is they are trying to carry out punitive, repressive measures against proud American parents who stand up to it.

In one particularly harrowing case from Pennsylvania, leaked emails from a school district reveal the school has been trying to hide the “transitioning” of a middle schooler from her family.

The emails obtained by Fox News show the counselor of Charles F. Patton Middle School emailed teachers to tell them the student prefers “they/them” pronouns.

However, they were told to mention her as “she/her” in communication with her parents so they don’t find out their poor kid is being pushed down the path of the “sex change process.”


Another email obtained by Fox shows the middle school counselor and two teachers were plotting to start a pro-transgenderism club in the school modeled after a “Gender Sexuality Alliance.”

One of the teachers is quoted as writing that middle schoolers “aren’t too young” to be indoctrinated with transgenderism and gender ideology.

Harvesting Parents’ Secret Personal Data to Repress Them

In another notable case of transgenderism on the offensive, a school in Scottsdale, Arizona compiled detailed “files” of “intelligence information” on parents who dared to speak out.

The three parents in question – Kimberly Stafford, Amanda Wray, and Edmond Richard – were among a number of other parents who complained that the school was indoctrinating their children with woke critical race theory and transgenderism.

They posted about their grievances on Facebook and even organized a protest rally outside the school.

In response, the school board began collecting their personal information, which is immoral and creepy.

This was not just parents’ Facebook posts, but also their addresses, social security numbers, and even their medical and mortgage records, The Daily Mail reported.

The school board gathered information on a total of 47 parents, and even hired a private investigator for the purpose.

It is unknown how exactly their medical records and social security numbers were harvested.

It remains unclear what kind of a punitive action the board intended to carry out with the information, but apparently, it was intent on striking at the parents with repression.