Trudeau Flees in Panic from Canada Truckers’ Freedom Convoy against Vax Dictate  

Canada’s Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has literally fled in fear and panic together with his family, as some 50,000 truckers arrived in the Canadian capital in a giant “Freedom Convoy” to protest his COVID vaccine mandate.

Running Away from ‘Small Fringe Minority’

On Saturday, the tens of thousands of truckers defending the freedom of ordinary citizens from the arbitrary dictate of Trudeau started to arrive in Ottawa, CBC News reported.

The Canadian truckers have been particularly outraged by the requirement of the Trudeau Cabinet to have a QR-code vaccination pass in order to cross the borders of the US.

Their fight for freedom has been supported by American truckers and by high-profile figures, such as the world’s richest man, Elon Musk.

Even though the Canadian truckers have been protesting peacefully, Trudeau and his family quickly escaped to an undisclosed location.

Just several days ago, the Canadian Prime Minister also arrogantly described the truckers as a “small fringe minority” and a “disgruntled few”.

Тrudeau’s office only told the Ottawa Citizen he would “isolate” somewhere in the region of the capital and “work remotely”. They made it clear his location wouldn’t be disclosed for security reasons.

Meanwhile, the Sergeant-at-Arms of the Canadian Parliament issued a warning, claiming the demonstrators may come to the officials’ homes. However, according to a tweet by the Ottawa Police, the truckers’ freedom rally around Parliament Hill has not seen any incidents at all.

While hundreds of huge trucks arrived in Canada’s capital, other citizens also joined the truckers’ protest, not just over the vaccination mandates, but also over their overall discontent with his rule.

Not Violent Incidents Whatsoever, Despite Trudeau’s Fear

A total of 82% of Canada’s population over five years of age has been vaccinated against the coronavirus.

As he spoke on Friday, Trudeau claimed the views of the truckers are not just anti-scientific, but also “anti-society” and pose a threat to other Canadians, not just to themselves.

As of January 15, unvaccinated Canadian truckers returning from the US have to take a COVID test and quarantine. Neither Canada nor the US allows truck drivers in without vaccinations. However, US drivers returning from Canada don’t have to quarantine and take a test.

The 5,500-mile US-Canadian border is the longest in the world; there are fears the measures imposed in mid-January by both far-left Marxist-run governments might already be wreaking havoc upon the bilateral trade and businesses.

This is against the backdrop of a terrible labor shortage crisis in the United States. Trucking transportation is particularly affected, which is exacerbating the supply chain crisis and the spiking inflation.

The world’s richest person, Elon Musk, has already praised the freedom-fighting spirit of the truck drivers in Canada by tweeting, “Canadian truckers rule”.

Last week, Hollywood actress Evangeline Lilly, who is Canadian, published an outburst against the vaccination mandate in the US. A 35,000-strong anti-mandate rally was held in Washington, DC, last weekend.