Trump Jokes US Warplanes Must Bomb ‘the Sh*t Out of Russia’

President Trump spoke strongly in defense of the plucky nation of Ukraine, which has been mauled, raped, and bombed by Russian autocrat Vladimir Putin’s troops for 11 days now.

Trump joked US military aircraft should disguise as Chinese aircraft and then “bomb the sh*t out of Russia.”

Pitting China Against Russia?

As Trump addressed Republican donors in New Orleans, he joked the US Air Force should masquerade US F-22 fighter-bomber planes as Chinese planes, then “bomb the sh*t out of Russia”, as cited by CBS News.

That would cause a war between the two Eurasian powers, as the US would be blaming Beijing for it. When the Chinese and Russians start fighting, America, in Trump’s joke, would be sitting back and watching the fray.

Earlier, Trump revealed he knew how to handle Putin – by threatening credibly that he would nuke Moscow if the Russians dare to attack Ukraine.

Trump lambasted the Russian strongman over the devastating war crimes in Ukraine committed by the Russian forces. Trump explicitly declared Russia’s war against Ukraine as a “massive crime against humanity”.

At the same time, however, he blasted NATO, the US-led mutual defense alliance of 30 North American and European nations.

For the time being, the Biden administration and leaders of the other NATO nations have not only refused to put NATO boots on the ground in Ukraine, but also refused to enforce a no-fly zone.

Doing so is bound to lead to a direct clash with Russia, and likely a nuclear war that would destroy humanity and planet earth itself.

Trump’s Support for Ukraine Has Been Consistent

During his Saturday night speech in New Orleans, Trump reiterated if he were currently the commander-in-chief, Russian dictator Putin would have never dared to invade Ukraine.

This isn’t the first time Trump has spoken out in support of Ukraine.

It is worth remembering that Trump is the president who reversed the ludicrous stance of the Obama administration and provided lethal weapons to Ukrainians, such as the much celebrated, US-made Javelin anti-tank missile weapons.

Last week, during an address to the Conservative Political Action Conference in Florida, Trump declared he was praying for the Ukrainians.

Trump then described the brave people of Ukraine as “proud people” who are currently experiencing the “horrific disaster” of Putin’s attack and various war crimes.

He also praised Ukraine’s 44-year-old leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy, a former comedian and actor, as a “brave man”.

As he declared Joe Biden to be “grossly incompetent”, Trump also ridiculed the Biden administration’s approach to deterring Putin, which clearly failed and only entailed threatening Putin with sanctions.

At this point, the Russian autocrat has gotten used to western sanctions since he ascended to the informal throne in Moscow back in 2000.