Trump Recalls How He Saved Christmas from Wokeism

President Trump has recalled how he stopped the wokeist "Happy Holidays" from replacing "Merry Christmas". (Shutterstock)

In the past few years, the United States has seen the rise of the ideology of wokeism, which is, in essence, a subset of modern-day Marxism. The woke agenda seeks to establish worldwide communism with a new kind of “class struggle” based on race.

Marxism’s Onslaught Against Christmas

Not unlike “classical” Marxism-Communism, the ultimate goal of today’s woke Marxism appears to be the destruction of American democracy, freedom, and capitalism to replace these things with far-left totalitarianism.

Not unlike, “classical” Marxism-Communism, woke Marxism is heavily anti-Christian, as Christianity stands for many of America’s eternal personal, family, and national values.

As a crucial part of Christianity, Christmas (the birthday of Jesus Christ) has been a prime target for today’s cultural Marxists. They sought to obliterate the second most important and most popular Christian holiday as a means of robbing Americans of our traditional national identity.

Against that backdrop, President Trump stated in a TV interview that when he entered the White House in 2017, he saved the phrase “Merry Christmas”, and, by extension, the Christmas holiday itself.

Speaking on Newsmax with host Mike Huckabee, Trump emphasized during his campaign back in 2015-2016, he promised to restore “Merry Christmas,” while combating the non-denominational greeting “Happy Holidays”. Trump certainly delivered during his presidency.

At the opening of the Newsmax Christmas Special on Thursday, Trump told Huckabee that before he became president, wokeism already started to impose “Happy Holidays”. Big retail chains and other stores considered it “embarrassing” to say “Merry Christmas.”

Trump recalled how he told people, pretty soon, they would be saying ‘Merry Christmas’ again and now, they are.

President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump on Christmas. (White House)

‘Crazy People Came Along’

Trump urged his supporters to boycott companies that abandoned “Merry Christmas.” Then, the real Christmas greeting was brought back “very quickly.”

Trump further emphasized that apart from being a truly American holiday, Christmas and the respective greetings don’t actually “offend” anybody because they’re liked by people of all religious backgrounds.

“Everyone loves Christmas,” regardless of whether one might be Christian, Muslim, or Jewish, Trump insisted.

Trump noted this was certainly the case before “crazy people came along” and wanted to obliterate the holiday, along with everything else American.

While Trump was certainly happy that people are once again greeting each other with “Merry Christmas,” he lambasted the fact that many Americans “aren’t saying other things,” such as the names of top American historical figures.

Those include George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and Abraham Lincoln. As Trump condemned the “war on Christmas” waged by Marxists in recent years, Trump stated their names are getting “obliterated,” due to “craziness”.

Trump was the opening guest for former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee’s Christmas special on Newsmax on Thursday night.

Other guests included Sarah Huckabee Sanders (Mike Huckabee’s daughter), plus former Health Secretary Ben Carson, former Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu (with whom Trump has had a falling out), and Texas Senator Ted Cruz.