Trump Speaks Out Against ‘Ultra-MAGA’ Candidate in GOP Tussle

President Donald Trump made a somewhat surprising move. He spoke out against a Pennsylvania Republican bidder for the United States Senate, Kathy Barnette.

She is known as an “ultra-MAGA” candidate, thus exposing somewhat of a rift in GOP ranks.

Trump Mentions ‘Problematic’ Past but Leaves Endorsement Door Wide Open

50-year-old Barnette has been known as a highly outspoken, black Republican right-winger with uncompromising stances on key social and public policy issues.

She is presently running in the Republican primary for the United States Senate in Pennsylvania. Barnette recently went up in the polls to No.2, having previously polled in the single digits.

Barnette is second only behind Dr. Mehmet Oz, Trump’s somewhat controversial favorite.

Trump’s endorsement of Oz has been criticized by some in the Republican Party. They don’t consider the doctor to be sufficiently conservative and/or are worried about his ties to Turkey, a long-term foreign ally of the United States.

Yet, even as he slammed Kathy Barnette’s candidacy in the Republican Senate primary, Trump did make it clear he is leaving himself the option to endorse her in the future.

The mainline argument from Trump was Barnette would just be “unable to win” the actual Senate seat election in Pennsylvania against what he described as the “Radical Left Democrats.”

Yet, Trump’s statement didn’t delve much into why the “ultra-MAGA” candidate could lose the general election.

POTUS 45 emphasized there are “many things” in Barnette’s “past” that haven’t exactly been fully “explained or vetted.”

At the same time, Trump’s support for Dr. Oz didn’t seem unconditional. He declared if she manages to get rid of whatever the disturbing elements of her past might be, then Barnette could enjoy a “wonderful future” in the GOP.

Trump went even further, declaring if that is the case, he is going to be support her “all the way.”

‘Ultra-MAGA’ Candidate Who Shot to National Fame

Kathy Barnette is described as “far-right,” even by some in the Republican Party.

In the 2020 congressional election, Barnette lost a US House of Representatives race to Democrat Rep. Madeline Dean in a predominantly blue congressional district. Yet, she never conceded to losing.

Likewise, Barnette hasn’t conceded that Trump lost the 2020 presidential election.

Barnette recently shot up to national popularity as she confronted Trump’s favorite Dr. Oz over abortion. She disclosed she was born after her mother, who was 11 years old at the time, was raped by her father who was 21.

Thus, the outspoken Pennsylvania conservative held her own experience as evidence of the importance of “sanctity of life.”

In spite of her managing to capture national headlines, Barnette’s bid against Oz still remains a long shot in the GOP Pennsylvania primary for the US Senate.

This is not only because of Trump’s endorsement of her rival, but also because, for the time being, her campaign is being outspent by the Oz campaign in a ten-to-one ratio.