Trump Urges MAGA Nation to ‘Rise’ Against ‘Mandate Happy’ Democrats

The COVID-19 pandemic response of the Biden administration is becoming an unbelievable quagmire. Sleepy Joe declared the nation’s “independence” from the coronavirus six months ago, on July 4.

Americans are now seeing a mind-blowing one million cases per day. Biden vowed to “cancel the virus” during his questionable presidential election campaign, and then declared last month there is not going to be a “federal solution.”

Biden also promised to never impose federal mandates…and then went ahead and did it anyway.

‘Egregious Overreach’ by Biden’s Government

Biden’s failures have been exposed by scathing criticism in a new statement by President Trump.

Trump urged the “MAGA nation” of his followers to “rise up” against the twin dictate of the “egregious overreach” of the federal government and the “incredibly mandate-happy” Democrats.

In his statement, Trump declared the pandemic response of the Sleepy Joe administration is deteriorating by the day.

He reminded that even though Biden recently stated there is no federal solution to the COVID-19 crisis, the Democrat occupying the White House still went ahead and “federalized the distribution of antibodies”.

In this arrangement, Republican-run states are “getting the short end” of the stick, Trump pointed out.

Trump then recalled his administration “respected” the leadership of state governors to seek the therapeutics and antibodies their states needed, at their own discretion, which is how the US government should operate.

Trump later emphasized the Biden administration is now considering the closing down of schools and slapping vaccine mandates on school children. Obligatory vaccination for schools kids is being considered in “Democrat-run places,” such as Detroit.

Americans Ought to Be Able to ‘Govern Their Own Health’

Trump also reminded the American public that his administration did what Democrats said “could not be done” by developing COVID-19 vaccines in record time.

Trump then emphasized his administration never issued any vaccination mandates because the American people ought to be able to decide on their own how to “govern their own health.”

The 45th president called for the “reining in” of the federal government and for restoring the freedom of American citizens to decide whether they would like to be vaccinated.

He concluded his statement by reminding how Biden went against his own prior promises not to impose mandates, just like he has broken his promises on “so many other things.”

Trump’s new statement came after he canceled a plan to have a press conference, which was to be held at his resort of Mar-a-Lago in Florida, regarding the January 6, 2021 events at the US Capitol.

Ultimately, the former president decided in favor of the cancellation on the advice of his allies. Trump’s allies warned the mainstream leftist media could seize the chance to portray his press conference as a provocation.