Trump’s Got 2024 GOP Nomination, Needs ‘Discipline’ to Win, Graham Says


Hanging over American politics is whether President Trump is going to run once again for the presidency in 2024…or, rather, when exactly he is going to make his candidacy official.

‘The Nomination Is His’

One of the big questions about 2024 is who Trump’s running mate will be.

Key Republicans, including former Vice President Mike Pence, or Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, are believed to intend to make presidential bids with the goal of landing the junior place on the Trump 2024 presidential ticket.

Speaking on Fox News’ “Hannity”, long-time South Carolina Sen. Lindsey Graham declared Trump’s got the 2024 GOP presidential nomination “if he wants it.”

Graham stated the nomination is Trump’s, unless there happens to be any other circumstances that could potentially preclude another Trump candidacy.

Graham emphasized how much “the Republican base” appreciates Trump. However, he also sought to sneak in some veiled criticism of the 45th president by saying not “all the things” Trump does are appreciated sometimes.

At the same time, however, the South Carolina senator stated from a “conservative” policy point of view, Trump has been the “most successful” president since Ronald Reagan.

Reminding of Trump’s Successes

However, Lindsey Graham warned that Trump needs to run “a disciplined campaign.” Graham insisted Trump ought to constantly remind the American public about his major accomplishments and successes as president.

These accomplishments and successes include the heightened security of the southern border, energy independence, the successful drawdown in Afghanistan, and the destruction of the Islamic State (ISIS).

Graham believes the GOP should be talking about Trump’s successes every day, and 2022 Republican midterm candidates should also be talking about his achievements during their own campaigns.

In his words, this “America First” approach would make next year’s elections a “blowout” for the Republican Party, in both the House and the Senate.

Graham insisted further that a combination of promoting the Trump-led, America First agenda, while exposing the failures of the Biden agenda, could deliver such massive success to the GOP.

This success could exceed the 1994 midterms when Republicans won a whopping 73 seats and took the House, after having been in the minority there for 40 years.

He added Biden has literally been put in a box by the radical left, which doesn’t allow him to secure the border, or expand oil and natural gas drilling.

Graham stressed, however, that when it comes to foreign policy, Biden’s failures aren’t the product of far-left pressure; they are simply his own because he is “just incompetent.”

Without even mentioning the threats from Russia and China, the GOP senator said the combination of the rise of radical Islam in Afghanistan (after Kabul Joe lost the war there) and the fully open southern border could make 2022 the “most dangerous year” for the United States since 1939.