Truth-Teller Joe Rogan Gets Censored as Spotify Deletes 70 of His Episodes

(Snapshot from The Joe Rogan Experience podcast)

There is a reason libertarian comedian Joe Rogan has been so popular as to strike a $100 million deal for his podcast: namely, he tells a lot of truths on his talk show.

Nevertheless, the leftist, totalitarian censors have gone after him, due to him challenging COVID-19 edicts and constraints.

Apparently, they are managing to censor Rogan with some tangible success. His streaming platform, Spotify, just purged 70 episodes of his podcast.

Why Spotify Didn’t Kill Rogan’s Show Altogether

Rogan’s podcast, The Joe Rogan Experience, was put on hold last week after far-left outcry tried to “cancel” him for allegedly promoting “misinformation” about COVID-19 vaccines and treatments.

Joe Rogan was back on Friday with a new episode of his podcast, for which Spotify paid $100 million in 2020; that can be considered a success, since the platform resisted the Marxist totalitarians’ push to cancel him altogether.

At the same time, however, Rogan’s restoration is only a bitter-sweet victory. Spotify also evidently bowed to the far-left radicals’ pressure; it deleted 70 older episodes from the highly popular podcast without any explanation whatsoever.

Many of the censored podcast episodes in question featured well-known right-wing commentators, including Milo Yiannopoulos, Alex Jones, Gavin Miles McInnes, and Owen Benjamin.

The popular podcast host reminded on Sunday he published a video on Instagram. In this video, Rogan declared it was never his goal to “promote misinformation”, the main sin that radical Marxists are accusing him of.

Hitting the Marxist Propaganda Where It Hurts

On Friday, in his new episode, Rogan sounded somewhat conciliatory as he stated there isn’t much else he can do beyond posting his Instagram explanation.

Still, the 54-year-old podcast host hit the Marxist propaganda establishment where it hurt. He ironized “people like CNN” who, in his words, are losing the “information attention game.”

As he delicately mocked those seeking to cancel him, Rogan said they’d have to “do better” in order to censor him.

In his comments, Rogan lambasted a 10PM curfew imposed on the residents of the Canadian city of Montreal, saying it is a “wild” restriction on people’s personal lives.

More importantly, however, he dwelled on the results of a recent study by three top economists. This study found COVID-19 lockdowns reduced virus fatalities only by 0.2%, while causing giant economic harm and huge social damages.

The results from the study were shamelessly hidden by the mainstream leftist media. Rogan declared lockdowns don’t help “stop the spread” of COVID-19 and they don’t work.

Bizarrely enough, some of the 70 episodes from Joe Rogan’s podcast (whose full library has about 1,700 shows) which have been censored by Spotify to appease the far-left crowd include episodes from 2010 and 2018.

These episodes had absolutely nothing to do with the coronavirus pandemic that began in 2020.