Ukraine Blows Up Putin’s Favorite Parade Boat

(TV snapshot)

Russia’s atrocious tyrant, Vladimir Putin, has been dealt a severe blow by the Ukrainian military.

Ukraine’s military has blown up his favorite parade vessel, a white Navy boat codenamed “001” in a fresh drone strike near the Snake Island in the Black Sea.

Bloody Dictator Robbed of Beloved Raptor Boat

Putin started the biggest war in Europe on February 24. He dispatched almost all of Russia’s ground forces to invade Ukraine and conquer it for his wannabe neo-Soviet Russian empire.

The newly destroyed 001 boat has not been counted yet. The same goes for another Serna-class landing ship of the Russian Navy, which was also allegedly blown up on Tuesday.

Ukrainians have been using coastal ballistic missiles and drones in order to strike Putin’s Black Sea Fleet.

They scored fabulous successes, such as the sinking of the Moskva (“Moscow”) missile cruiser flagship, the sinking of an Alligator-class landing ship, and the destruction of the Admiral Makarov frigate.

Unlike the rest of the 17 Raptor-class patrol boats of the Russian Navy, Putin’s 001 parade vessel wasn’t sporting camouflage colors, but was sparkling white.

It remains unclear exactly what it was doing near Snake Island, a tiny rock in the western part of the Black Sea, which belongs to Ukraine, but was seized by Russia.

(Ukraine military)

A Sickly, Limping Putin

The destruction of the Raptor-class 001 boat and another Serna-class landing vessel was announced on Tuesday by the Ukrainian military.

As the Russian dictator is well-known to have a soft spot for symbolic items and/or animals, the loss in question is likely particularly painful for him.

Last week, Ukraine also claimed the destruction of two more Raptor-class vessels. These are 55-feet long, can carry 20 landing troops with an armored vehicle, and have been in service in the Russian Navy since 2013.

According to Ukrainian media, Putin used the boat with tail number 001 to inspect and lead naval parades in Sevastopol, in the seized Crimean Peninsula on the Black Sea, and in St. Petersburg on the Baltic Sea.

The destruction of the Russian dictator’s favorite boat comes a day after he seemed awfully subdued during Moscow’s annual military parade on May 9, “Victory Day.”

This is the biggest public holiday in Russia, marking the defeat of Nazi Germany in World War II.

It is notable that during the parade, Putin was seen walking with a limp and sitting with his lap covered with a blanket. This sickly appearance has immediately fed into speculations about his failing health.

This comes amid reports over the past few weeks that he is suffering from cancer and/or Parkinson’s disease, and likely has a cancer surgery coming up.

69-year-old Putin made a particularly deplorable sight as he sat covered with a blanket, alongside more elderly war veterans whose laps remained uncovered.