Ukraine Captures Scary Russian Ex-Nun Sniper with 40 Confirmed Kills

(Ukrainian military press agency)

Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s horrifying war against Ukraine has brought to the fore of global attention numerous sickening individuals committing war crimes against civilian populations.

One of the scariest and most bizarre characters appears to have just been caught alive by the Ukrainian defenders.

This is a woman who used to be a nun, but for the past eight years, has been a deadly sniper fighting for the Russian separatists in Eastern Ukraine. She has amassed 40 confirmed kills.

From Nun to Russian Sniper

Starikova, whose code name is Baghera, has now been captured alive by the Ukrainian military.

She has been partaking in the renewed fighting under Putin’s order, which emerged as the biggest war in Europe since World War II.

She was allegedly caught after she got wounded and Russian soldiers “left her for dead”, according to ArmyInform, the news agency of the Ukrainian military, as cited by The Daily Star.

Starikova has a highly curious and bizarre story going beyond the 40 confirmed kills of Ukrainians she has amassed over the past eight years.

She is reported to have been an Eastern Orthodox nun who gave up her faith and became a drug dealer. Subsequently, she because the dreaded killer and joined the Russian murderers in Donbass as a sniper.

(Ukrainian military press agency – sniper Baghera is on the left)

Serbian Nationalism Always Sides with Russia

Starikova is known to be originally from Serbia. Some reports claim before becoming a nun, Baghera used to be a professional handball player in Serbia, and her real name is Daniela Lazovic.

Serbian nationalists are savagely pro-Russian. Many of them, including war criminals from the war in Bosnia, are known to have joined the Russian military and proxies as volunteers in the war in Donbass in 2014.

Shortly after Putin launched the current full-scale invasion of Ukraine, about 4,000 Serbian nationalists demonstrated in the country’s capital Belgrade in support of Russia and against brave Ukrainians defending their homeland.

The reports underscore the true identity of female Russian sniper Irina Starikova, aka Baghera, remains shrouded in history. According to the ArmyInform report, the 40 confirmed kills on her count include Ukrainian civilians, not just service personnel.

The Ukrainian military report cites a serviceman, Vlad Ivanov, as saying the Serbian-Russian sniper has been treated by Ukrainian medics because she was wounded before her capture.

She allegedly served in the People’s Militia of the so called Donetsk People’s Republic, one of the two-Russian proxy entities in Ukraine’s Donbass, which are fully controlled by Moscow.

The report cites the feared sniper as saying she was “abandoned” by her Russian comrades after she got wounded. She claimed they could have rescued her, but decided to abandon her to die from her wounds.

Meanwhile, according to the Ukrainian Defense Ministry, as of Tuesday morning, more than 17,200 Russian soldiers have been killed in Ukraine.

The Russians have meanwhile lost 127 warplanes, 129 attack helicopters, 597 tanks, 1,178 trucks and other vehicles, 1,710 armored personnel carriers, 71 drones, and more than 150 missile launcher trucks.