Ukraine Gets New Superweapon, Turning Tide Against Russian Invaders

(Ukrainian Ministry of Defense)

The defenders of Ukraine showcased a new “superweapon” that is likely to help them decisively turn the tide against the invading Russian military.

The superweapon in question is the British-made air-to-surface and surface-to-surface missile “Brimstone.”

Ukrainians have apparently managed to modify firing from small vehicles to suit the military conditions on the ground in Ukraine.

Putin’s Ill-Fated Troops Already Getting Hammered

Ukrainians have a history of unconventional thought, including managing to strike and sink Russia’s most powerful warship in the Black Sea with two missiles designed to take out far smaller vessels.

As Ukraine has been outgunned by Russia, the Russian hordes have a very tangible advantage in terms of various types of missiles and artillery.

If employed efficiently, the Brimstone is likely to help the Ukrainians tremendously. They are increasingly going to seek to defeat the Russians and kick them out of Ukrainian territory.

When bloody Russian dictator Vladimir Putin sent some 200,000 troops to attack Ukraine, he was doubtlessly counting on a very fast blitzkrieg victory. Ukrainians, however, didn’t capitulate, but fought back.

They managed to completely defeat the northern invasion in the Battle of Kyiv, just won the Battle of Kharkiv, and are resisting the fierce, listless onslaught of the Russians in the Donbass region.

(Ukrainian Ministry of Defense)

Highly-Efficient ‘Fire and Forget’ Supersonic Missiles

The Ukrainian Ministry of Defense on Sunday released a video, showing the powerful UK-made Brimstone missiles that are already deployed on the battle lines.

They were shown alongside NLAWs, the British-made portable anti-tank missiles, which have been widely and effectively employed by the Ukrainians against Russian armor.

They are also roughly equivalent to the US-made Javelins, but with a smaller range.

The Brimstone supersonic, “fire and forget” missile weighs 110 pounds, is about six feet long, and can have a maximum range of 37 miles. It was developed in 2005 and updated in 2017; a single missile costs about $300,000.

In a special statement on Sunday, the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense lauded the military aid and respective training its nation has been getting from western allies, such as America and Britain.

Western weapon supplies are setting Ukrainian troops on the path to victory over the tyranny of Putin’s Russia.

Britain already supplied $1.85 billion worth of military aid to Ukraine. It is adding another $1.6 billion package. The United States provided Ukraine with $3.8 billion worth of military aid so far.

However, that value is expected to skyrocket. The US Senate is due to approve a $40 billion aid package, not to mention vast amounts of weapons starting to go Ukraine’s way through the recently adopted Lend-Lease Act for Ukraine.

At the same time, the Russian brutes are forced to rely on rusty old Soviet Communist military equipment. Putin’s troops have already exhausted and lost their most modern weaponry.