Ukraine Strikes Back at Russia, Destroying Arms Depot on Putin’s Soil

(Snapshot from social media footage shows the destruction of the arms depot near Russia’s Belgorod by a Ukrainian missile)

In a rare development that is quite humiliating for Russia and its tyrant Vladimir Putin, Ukraine managed to strike and destroy a large weapons depot on Russian territory.

This occurred after 34 days of fighting.

Missile Strike on Russian Soil Makes ‘Fireworks’

The alleged Ukrainian missile strike on Russian territory came on Tuesday night, at the Krasniy Oktyabr (“Red October”) village, just outside of Belgorod.

Belgorod has been a major military hub for Russia in its invasion of Ukraine; it is only about 50 miles away from Kharkiv, Ukraine’s second largest city and a prime target for the Russians.

The location hit by a Ukrainian missile just 12 miles away from the Russian border with Ukraine appears to have contained a large arms depot.

Testifying to this was the fact the initial explosion caused a series of blasts looking like fireworks, as visible from the footage. The blast was so huge it could be seen from Ukraine, according to Yuriy Butusov, a Ukrainian journalist.

According to Butusov, the missile in question was launched by the 19th missile brigade of the Ukrainian military; although his allegations haven’t been confirmed for the time being by Ukrainian officials.

Vyacheslav Gladkov, the governor of Russia’s Belgorod District, didn’t provide any cause of the explosion near the Red October village but confirmed it occurred.

He also claimed no people were injured as a result, citing the village mayor, and promised to reveal the cause of the blast “later”.


(Snapshot from social media footage shows a Russian tank destroyed in Ukraine with a US-made Javelin missile)

Ukraine Already Destroyed Military Airfield in Russia

The destruction of the apparent arms depot near Belgorod in Russia appears to be the second retaliatory attack on Russian soil that the Ukrainians have managed to carry out.

The alleged Ukrainian missile strike on the arms depot near Belgorod occurred on the same day that high-ranking officials of Russia and Ukraine held ceasefire talks in Istanbul, Turkey.

Ukraine said it would agree to not become a member of the US-led NATO alliance and assume a neutral status. Russia said it would draw down its “military activities” in the areas of the capital Kyiv and the city of Chernihiv in Northeast Ukraine.

However, Russian missile, aerial, and shelling attacks continued the entire time. The US government has warned Putin and his negotiators cannot be trusted.

The drawdown declaration appears to be a lie, since the Russians are only pulling some units from the north of Ukraine in order to boost their campaign in the east of the country.

This is not to mention the units in question have been so badly beaten by its plucky defenders in Ukraine that many of them have just become useless.