Ukraine Strikes Russia With Missile Factory Explosion

(Social media footage shows the explosion at the Perm military factory)

Ukraine, which has been the victim of the unspeakable, appalling aggression by Russia has now managed to fight back in a spectacular way.

It did this by apparently blowing up a crucial missile factory far away from its borders and very deep inside Russia’s territory.

Russia’s Military Situation is Going From Bad to Worse

A giant explosion occurred at an arms factory in the Russian city of Perm. This is some 700 miles east of Russia’s capital, Moscow, and over 1,000 miles away from Ukraine’s borders.

Ever since Putin, who is now getting totally paranoid, invaded Ukraine on February 24 with some 200,000 troops, the invasion has been a dud for the Russians.

While Russia has been the aggressor, plucky Ukraine has increasingly started to punch above its weight.

Ukraine’s apparently been striking back with explosions, fires, and sabotages at Russian arms depots, fuel depots, and other military facilities, usually without causing any civilian or military victims.

One particularly high-profile target hit by Ukrainian sabotage was a weapons search institute in Tver, near Moscow, where seven staffers perished and 25 were wounded.

So far, Ukrainians appear to have targeted military infrastructure primarily in Russia’s border regions of Belgorod, Bryansk, Kursk, Voronezh, and Rostov.

As a rule, after the incidents in question so far, the Ukrainian government has either refused to comment or given very blurred statements.

(Social media photo of the destroyed factory’s main office)

Striking Russia’s Ability to Wage War

The alleged Ukrainian attack against the military factor in Russia’s Perm was announced on social media by Ukrainian government adviser Anton Gerashchenko.

He shared on Twitter footage showing the Perm missile factory burning, alleging it has been struck by a “powerful explosion.”

Russian authorities did admit there was a fire at the military plant in Perm, but didn’t offer any information about its causes, as cited by The Daily Mail. They only said the fire occurred around 8 pm on Sunday night.

The Perm Powder Factory, as the plant is known, is owned by the military branch of Russia’s federal government. Subsequent announcements by the local authorities revealed two workers have died as a result of the explosion.

News about the explosion in Perm, which with a high degree of certainty is the work of Ukrainian spies and saboteurs, arrived against the backdrop of another significant military blow to Russia.

Namely, the arrival of more than 200 battle tanks donated by US ally and NATO member Poland to Ukraine, probably the largest single donation of heavy military equipment so far to help Ukrainians fight off Russians.

The hundreds of tanks are of the Soviet-Era T-72 type, the main battle tank of the former Warsaw Pact countries.

Footage issued by the Ukrainian Defense Ministry showed the Polish tanks preparing to head to the frontlines in the Donbas region.