Ukraine’s Ex-Comedian Leader Rises to Occasion, Snubs US Evacuation Offer

Volodymyr Zelenskyy, Ukraine’s president, has snubbed an offer by the United States to be evacuated with his family out of the besieged Kyiv.

Leading His Nation to Defy Putin’s Killing Machine

Zelenskyy has demonstrated courageous leadership, managing to rise to the occasion, as Russia’s military has been invading Ukraine from three sides, pummeling the country’s military infrastructure with missiles and airstrikes.

Towering above it all has been Ukrainian President Zelenskyy; he has been not only giving regular statements to the nation, but also posting frequent social media cell phone videos in order to boost morale and disprove Moscow’s propaganda fake news that he fled.

Amid all of that, Zelenskyy even managed to snub an offer of the US government for him and his family to be evacuated from the capital city, according to a report by The Associated Press.

When the evacuation was proposed to him, Zelenskyy replied that he was in need of anti-tank ammunition and “not a ride”, as he insisted “the fight is here”.

Even though the Ukrainian president has been posting regular social media videos from Kyiv, his location is kept secret.

Earlier this week, shortly after Putin started the war against Ukraine, Zelenskyy announced he is the number one target for the Russian autocrat. Moscow’s plan is to “decapitate” the Ukrainian nation by taking out its head of state, then install a puppet government.

‘We’ve Ruined Their Plans’

Late on Friday night, Zelenskyy posted a video from outside his office together with top officials of the Ukrainian government, saying nobody should believe the “fake news” coming out of Russia that he had fled.

That was followed up with another similar video from Kyiv on Saturday morning in which he was alone, smiling, and declaring the Ukrainian nation is resisting Russian invaders.

In a video message around noon on Saturday local time, Zelenskyy declared fighting continues all around the country, but Ukrainians have “successfully repelled enemy attacks”.

He underscored the numerous instances in which Russian missiles and artillery shells have hit residential buildings, insisting they show the world must be unequivocally on Ukraine’s side and help to stop the invasion by Putin’s Russia.

Ukrainian diplomacy managed to convince almost all of the hesitant European countries – except for Germany and Hungary – to exclude Russia from the international banking system SWIFT.

A message by the Hungarian Foreign Minister later said his country is on board.

The state leader urged once again every single Ukrainian to have “one thing in mind”: how to “stop and destroy the occupiers”.

He also urged Ukrainians living abroad to come back and defend their country. He welcomed any foreigners who might want to volunteer to help save Ukraine from Putin’s invasion.

He warned Russians once again their soldiers are being sent to kill, but also to “die in the thousands”.