Ukrainian Civilians Kill Putin’s Brutes with Poisoned Pastries, Fake Booze

(Social media footage snapshot shows the remains of a Russian Su-30 fighter jet shot down near Izium, Eastern Ukraine, on Sunday)

The brave people of Ukraine have pioneered a new way of destroying the soldiers of bloody Russian tyrant Vladimir Putin.

Ukrainian civilians have used poisoned pastries and alcohol to kill their wannabe occupiers.

Tens of thousands of Ukrainian civilians appear to have been killed by the Russians in numerous cases of war crimes and genocide.

Ukraine’s Unbelievable Resistance

The courageous resistance of the Ukrainian defenders has frustrated Putin’s evil plans. Yet, that hasn’t prevented Putin’s brutes from committing horrifying war crimes.

In light of this, Ukrainians have been “treating” the Russian soldiers with pastries packed with venom and with poisoned alcohol.

According to a report by the Main Intelligence Directorate of Ukraine also posted on Facebook, dozens of Russian troops in Eastern Ukraine have been poisoned by the locals.

Weaponized Pastries and Booze

At least two soldiers from Russia’s 3rd Motor Rifle Division have died right away after eating stuffed pastries offered to them as tasty treats by Ukrainian civilians in Izium.

Another 28 Russian troops who ate from the same poison-packed cakes have been hospitalized in intensive care.

Izium was conquered by the Russians. 80% of the buildings there have been damaged by shelling and bombing, according to its Ukrainian mayor.

The town has managed to resist the invaders, despite being located barely 20 miles away from the Russian border.

This also comes despite the fact that a third of its population is ethnic Russian, which Moscow thought would welcome Putin’s goons with flowers and open arms.

Instead, even the ethnic Russians in Ukraine have been welcoming the pathetic “liberators” with anti-tank missiles, bullets, and, apparently poisoned pastries and counterfeit alcohol.

According to the same report of the Ukrainian intelligence, about 500 servicemen of the same Russian 3rd Motorized Rifle Division are presently in hospital with “severe alcohol poisoning” which is said to be “of unknown origin”.

It is reported that Russia’s military has written off the troops in question as “non-combat losses”.

Ukraine’s main intelligence agency emphasized in its post that the nation’s civilians are “resisting the occupiers by any means available,” including poison.

Putin’s atrocious troops are expected to fight really hard to retain their control of Izium as the town would be instrumental in their new plan to launch a huge attack against Ukraine.

This attack would come through the Donbass region in the east. This has been partly occupied by Russian proxies under Moscow’s control since 2014, the year when the Russian tyrant first invaded Ukraine.

According to the latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, as of Sunday morning, more than 18,000 Russian troops have been killed in Ukraine.

Meanwhile, the nation’s defenders have destroyed 644 Russian tanks, 1,830 armored personnel carriers, 1,249 trucks, and other vehicles.

They’ve also removed 134 attack helicopters, 143 warplanes, 163 missile launcher trucks, 76 fuel tank trucks, 89 drones, and 325 artillery pieces.