Ukrainians Obliterate Chechen Assassins in Russia’s Fierce Invasion

(Handout photo of Chechen commander Magomed Tushaev now presumed killed in Ukraine)

The heroic people and military of Ukraine have scored a new major success.

They have obliterated an entire tank squadron of brutal Chechen fighters sent by Moscow to capture or kill valiant Ukrainian leader Volodymyr Zelenskyy.

Putin Weaponizes the Chechens to Subdue Ukraine

In one of the most aggressive and desperate moves of the Russian dictator, Putin unleashed into Ukraine a force of hardened fighters from Chechnya, with a reputation of brutality against military members and civilians alike.

The Chechen brutes were tasked with finding, capturing, or killing Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy, his family members, and other top-ranking members of the Ukrainian government.

However, it appears the defenders of Ukraine managed to deliver a devastating blow to the Chechen brutes.

According to The Kyiv Independent, the entire squadron of 56 tanks was blown to pieces by Ukrainian missiles, as it was advancing near Hostomel, in Kyiv’s northeastern suburbs.

(Snapshot from a social media video of a Russian military vehicle destroyed in Kharkiv)

Top Chechen Commander Also Wiped Out

It remains unclear exactly how many of the Chechen militants have been killed, but estimates are in the hundreds.

Among Putin’s destroyed Chechen fighters, however, is believed to be their commander, a General Magomed Tushaev. Tushaev was the commander of the elite force of Chechen leaders and a close Putin ally.

The thousands of Chechen warriors are known for hunting down and torturing gay men. Each one of the Kadyrovtsi had been given a deck of cards containing the photos of the Ukrainian leaders that have to be taken alive or dead.

There have been reports that 44-year-old Kadyrov himself has visited the forest in Ukraine where his fighters had camped before setting out to catch or assassinate Ukraine’s leaders.

The destruction of an entire Chechen squadron is yet another serious blow to Vladimir Putin.

He has a special connection with the Muslim Russian autonomous republic Chechnya, with its leader Kadyrov sometimes even described as his “spiritual son” or the son he wishes he had. Putin’s own children are two daughters.

In the 1990s, after the breakup of the Soviet Union, the small Muslim republic fought two bloody wars for independence from the Russian Federation.

While Putin is known for pacifying Chechnya, that is believed to have been done through an arrangement with the Kadyrov clan.

In this arrangement, it showed the unruly Muslim republic pretending to be loyal to Moscow in exchange for extremely lavish Russian subsidies.

There were billions and billions of dollars dumped by the federal Russian government in Chechnya’s coffers.

Putin is so close with Kadyrov that a squad of fully loyal and fierce Chechen bodyguards is believed to be the Russian autocrat’s last line of defense in any eventuality.