Unashamed Hillary Clinton Counterattacks GOP, Fox News After Spying on Trump

Hillary Clinton just gave a major public speech for the first time in a long while; she used it to launch an all-out counterattack against Trump and the entire GOP.

‘Don’t Get Distracted by My Spying on Trump’

At the convention of the Democrat Party in the state of New York, Clinton lashed out with all kinds of nasty epithets against the Republican Party.

Clinton’s speech comes after a court filing by Department of Justice Special Counsel John Durham. This court filing revealed she and her campaign hacked the servers of Trump Tower and the White House in order frame Donald Trump as a puppet of Russia.

Clinton’s first, albeit delayed, reaction has been to mock the spying scandal revelation.

As she addressed the state’s Democratic convention in New York on Thursday, however, Hillary attacked not just Trump personally, but the entire Republican Party for pushing “conspiracies”, supporting “coup plotters”, and spreading “culture war nonsense”.

In her words, because “investigations draw closer to Trump”, he and the GOP are turning up “the noise machine.”

Clinton, in particular, lashed out against Fox News, as it it the only mainstream media outlet covering the spying scandal. CNN, MSNBC, ABC, and other platforms have been completely silent about the matter.

‘Defeating Trump’ Didn’t ‘Heal’ America

Hillary used her speech in order to introduce Kathy Hochul, who became governor of New York after disgraced Andrew Cuomo was ousted last August.

While Cuomo has been mulling a comeback as criminal charges over supposed sexual harassment have been dropped, Hochul has now the Democratic nomination for the NY gubernatorial race in the fall.

Clinton herself is believed to be considering a potential run for the White House in the 2024 presidential election, due to the failures of Biden and Kamala Harris.

However, the revelation she spied on Trump in order to fabricate a false narrative that he was Vladimir Putin’s puppet might change her plans.

In her speech on Thursday, a shameless Hillary didn’t mention the possibility of running for president once again – after her failed bids in 2008 and 2016.

She only dwelled on how “dangerously divided” the American nation is. Her comments that “defeating Trump” hasn’t begun to “heal our divisions” may have been thinly veiled criticism of Democrat President Joe Biden.

Addressing an overwhelmingly maskless crowd of Democrats, Clinton accused the Republican Party of “descending into coup-plotters” at a time when America needs to be united against autocracies, such as “Russia and China”.

Before she entered the New York Democratic convention in the Times Square Sheraton, Clinton was met by a crowd of protesters who shouted that she is a  “criminal”, “w—e”, and “b***h”, and chanted, “Lock her up!”

It’s going to be an interesting time between now and 2024.