Unhinged Marxists Blame America for Putin’s Bloody Ukraine Invasion

The Democratic Socialists of America, a far-left, anti-American group of communist politicians, such as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Bernie Sanders, is blaming the United States for Russian dictator Vladimir Putin’s bloody invasion of Ukraine.

For American Communists, Putin Can Do No Wrong

As Ukrainians have been defending valiantly against Putin’s hordes of soldiers, blood-thirsty mercenaries, and Chechen assassins, the Democratic Socialists of America (DSA) issued a statement attacking the United States as the culprit for Putin’s evil.

The Cold-War relic communist group called for the immediate disbanding of NATO, the North Atlantic Alliance of the United States, Canada, and 28 European countries.

This is literally the world’s only bulwark against the tons of evil sprouting out of Moscow, and, in the medium run, probably against the evil coming out of Beijing as well.

While the statement of the DSA did pay lip service to condemn the Russian invasion, it immediately went on to blast American “imperialist expansionism” as the cause for Russia’s war against the freedom-loving Ukrainians.

Oblivious to any basic human decency, dignity, and morals, the communists lambasted the western sanctions designed to punish Putin as “brinkmanship”, which is going to claim more lives.

According to modern-day American communists such the DSA, AOC, and Bernie Sanders, anything the West does “will exacerbate the human toll”, while Putin, the mass murderer, can do no wrong, and must not be held accountable in any way.

(Snapshot from social media footage showing the dead body of a Russian soldier from the autonomous Republic of Buryatiya in Siberia who was killed in the invasion of Ukraine)

Communists Want to Disband NATO, Despite Biggest Aggression since World War II

As it called for America to “withdraw from NATO”, the DSA attempted to activate all Marxist crazies throughout the West as it appealed to “anti-war activists”.

The activists in question are nothing but proxies for Putinism, Marxism, and communism, once described by Russian communist mass murderer, Vladimir Lenin, as “useful idiots” for the cause of worldwide communist totalitarianism.

Mike Gwin, the Rapid Response Director of the Biden White House, blasted the communist statement as “shameful.” He defended the right of Ukrainians to fight for “democracy and basic freedoms.”

Even then, clearly knowing no shame and morals, the LA branch of the DSA responded to Gwin on Twitter, saying “it’s a good statement”.

The DSA was slammed by New York US Rep. Ritchie Torres, who said the far-left Marxists are propagating Putin’s messages, and by former New York US Rep. Max Rose, who is running to regain his seat in the fall.

Rose, in particular, was amazed the DSA could even consider calling for the disbanding of NATO at a time when the western world is threatened – by Putin’s Russia – in a way unseen since the Second World War.