US Big Tech Elites Aiding China’s Quest for Global Domination

Greedy for never-ending profit escalation and mind control, the CEOs and other top executives of big tech corporations have actually collaborated with communist China.

China: Technology is the National Weapon

This shocking secret has been exposed by best-selling author Peter Schweizer in his new book, “Red-Handed.” An  excerpt can be read on The New York Post.

Schweizer emphasizes that “Silicon Valley elites” are blinded by their own ambition, and thus allowing themselves to be used by Chinese autocrat Xi Jinping.

Currently, Xi Jinping insists that China must “seize the commanding heights” of science and technology, since that is “a national weapon.”

To achieve this goal, the Chinese communists have set up “civilian-military fusion.”  This way, any technological breakthroughs in the civilian fields can immediately be applied to the military realm.

The Xi regime wouldn’t stop at the horrifying ethnic cleansing and genocide of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang, or at attacking, destroying, and annexing US ally Taiwan.

Beijing has managed to “seduce” numerous people of power in America’s big tech corporations.

Facebook, Google, Tesla Disgracefully in China’s Pocket

In his published book excerpt, he looks in particular at Facebook (Meta), Google, and Tesla leaders succumbing to Chinese courting and seduction.

One of the cringe-worthy moments described in the article is an official dinner in 2015 for Xi Jinping.

During the dinner, Facebook CEO and founder Mark Zuckerberg, together with his pregnant wife Priscilla Chan, directly asked the communist autocrat to give the Chinese name of their unborn child.

At the time, Xi replied the responsibility asked of him was “too great.”

To add to Zuckerberg’s pro-communist disgrace, in 2016, he joined forces with Google’s leaders to fund an underseas Internet cable from San Francisco to China’s Hong Kong.

In that project, the two US tech giants partnered with the China Securities and Finance Commission.

Luckily for America, but disgracefully for Facebook (Meta) and Google, in 2020, the US government “took an unprecedented step.”

The Federal Communications Commission blocked the project, as the Department of Justice clarified it offered “unprecedented opportunities” for China to spy on the United States.

As far as Google is concerned, in 2017, it opened in Beijing a research facility for artificial intelligence, the Google AI China Center, which was vastly staffed by Chinese engineers.

The center’s research handles huge amounts of data, precisely the kind that Chinese military and intelligence officers are interested in.

US Marine General, James Dunford, told a Senate hearing the Chinese military has a “direct benefit” from Google’s work.

Since then, China has declared surpassing the United States in AI to be its “national priority”.

Schweizer then points to Tesla and SpaceX CEO Elon Musk as someone who has been talking tough on China, but nonetheless fallen in the Beijing collaborationist trap.

Since 2017, Musk has increasingly been tangled in China’s business seduction web. In January 2021, Musk even praised the communist dictatorship in Beijing as being “more responsible” towards its “citizens” that the American government.