US Military Aid Deals Deadly Blows to Russia

(Social media footage snapshot)

Real-time information and military aid provided to Ukraine by the United States has been causing severe losses and defeats for the Russian military, reports reveal.

Seeking to conquer Ukraine for his neo-Soviet Empire, Putin invaded Ukraine with close to 200,000 troops on February 24.

He plotted shock-and-awe operations invading from the north, east, and south. However, his plans were completely frustrated by the effective and admirable defense of the Ukrainians.

Ukraine Took Down Planes of Putin’s Commandoes

As per the latest update of the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, more than 22,400 Russian troops have been killed while some 5,500 units of Russian military hardware have been destroyed.

It’s not just that. Ukraine is increasingly taking the war to Putin’s doorstep with its fresh missile strike on an arms depot in Russia’s Belgorod.

A new report revealed one of the most spectacular early Ukrainian successes in the war against Russia is partly due to the United States.

In the first week of the war, the Russians attempted a second landing at the Vasylkiv Air Base, south of the Ukrainian capital.

Unlike the first landing, which was carried out with dozens of attack helicopters, the second landing was attempted with large Russian military transport airplanes IL-76, each of them carrying 150-200 of Putin’s much feared commandoes.

The entire operation collapsed after the Ukrainian defenders managed to shoot down two of the warplanes in question, sending hundreds of the Russian brutes plummeting to their deaths.

Details about the operation in question were not revealed. Officials underscored the vital Ukrainian victory over Russia at Vasylkiv was due to an “unprecedented” level of intelligence sharing on America’s part.

Apparently, US information helped the Ukrainians to know where to hit, which Russian units were real and which were decoys, and what their targets are.

(Social media footage snapshot)

America Can’t Keep Up With Demand for Stinger Missile Systems

One of the unnamed US officials said the unprecedented collaboration with the Ukrainians made a big impact in their war against Russia “both” tactically and strategically.

The official said there are numerous examples showing the US real-time information fed to the Ukrainians “made a major difference”.

US military equipment provided to Ukraine, which just reached a combined $3.4 billion since the start of the war, has also proven highly decisive and badly needed.

On Tuesday, US arms maker Raytheon Technologies, which produces the well-known anti-aircraft missiles Stinger, said it cannot catch up with the demand for the specific type of weapons supplied to Ukraine.

Its CEO Greg Hayes told analysts, as cited by The Daily Mail, the company actually has a “very limited supply” of the materials needed for Stinger production.

This comes after the US already supplied more than 1,400 units to Ukrainians in their fight for freedom against Russia.

Hayes said the company would have to redesign some of the components in order to be able to produce more Stingers for Ukraine.

At the same time, however, nearly half of Russia’s most capable military aircraft are believed to have been shot down by Ukrainians, many of them with US-supplied Stingers.