Warren Urges Democrats to ‘Pack’ SCOTUS by ‘At Least’ Four Seats

Far-left progressivist Democrat Sen. Elizabeth Warren has unabashedly called for staffing the Supreme Court with liberals. (Shutterstock)

As partisan tensions in the United States skyrocketed in recent years, the more aggressive far-left wing of the Democrat Party has been insisting on a potentially shocking measure that would mark a point of no return for American politics.

All-out Call for Court Packing

The measure in question is the infamous “court packing”, i.e. changing the number of justices on the US Supreme Court in order to switch its ideological composition in favor of the ruling party at the moment.

Far-left Democrat senator of Massachusetts, Elizabeth Warren, just issued a very forceful call upon her party to “pack” the Supreme Court. She wants the Supreme Court to be a de facto “pro-Democrat” by guaranteeing it will have a liberal, leftist majority.

In an op-ed for the Boston Globe on Wednesday entitled, “Expand the Supreme Court”, Warren argues the Democrat Party ought to pack the nation’s highest court with “at least” four additional justices.

Her far-left math is simple; adding four liberal justices would change the ideological composition of the Supreme Court from six conservatives vs. three liberals to six conservatives vs. seven liberals.

Warren went so far as to claim the present makeup of the Supreme Court constitutes a threat to the “democratic foundations” of the United States of America.

In her Boston Globe op-ed, the Massachusetts progressivist accused the current conservative majority in the Supreme Court of being “radical”, trampling on the American Constitution, and being a broken institution.

She advocated for Congress to bring back “balance and integrity” to the highest court in America before its current members issue rulings on matters such as gun control and abortion.

The ‘We Don’t Determine the Rulings’ Justification

The liberal leftists have been particularly agitated by the Supreme Court cases involving abortion limitations adopted by the states of Mississippi and Texas; this could lead to a revision of the 1973 Roe v. Wade ruling.

In these cases, Democrats and pro-abortion activists of various types have erroneously argued abortion is a “constitutional right.” Their reasoning rests solely on Roe v. Wade, never mind the US Constitution never makes any mentions whatsoever of abortion or “abortion rights.”

In her seemingly left-wing extremist op-ed calling for Democrat court packing, the 72-year-old Warren claimed her call isn’t motivated by a specific matter, and she didn’t arrive at it “lightly.”

Far-left Warren appears to be becoming increasingly radical, as demonstrated by her latest court packing demands. (Shutterstock)

The far-left Democrat senator also sought to justify her court-packing call with Supreme Court rulings on campaign funding and union organizing. Warren went so far as to declare American democracy is “powerfully” threatened by “this court’s lawlessness.”

She argued that Congress is entitled to “court-packing” by the Constitution, since the number of justices has been changed seven times throughout history.

However, Warren doesn’t mention the fact the changes weren’t exactly made for the type of ideologically-motivated, political goals she seeks to achieve.