Big Admission on Hunter Biden’s Laptop Story Comes from Twitter’s Ex-Top Censor

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The censoring in October 2020 of the original story revealing materials from prodigal First Son Hunter Biden’s lost laptop was a “mistake,” according to a newly made admission by Yoel Roth, the former chief censor at Twitter, amid doubts that the cover-up may have influenced the 2020 presidential election in Joe Biden’s favor, and to President Donald Trump’s detriment.

Admission by ‘Far-Left Extremist’ Big Tech Exec

The leaks from Hunter Biden’s so-called “laptop from hell,” which ended up abandoned in a Delaware computer shop in 2020 before reaching the FBI and conservative media outlets such as The New York Post and The Daily Mail, have exposed various shocking secrets of the Biden family.

Besides Hunter’s overwhelming addictions to prostitutes, drugs, and alcohol, the leaked information has shed light on his highly suspicious foreign business dealings, including doubts whether Democrat President Joe “Multiple Gaffes” Biden may also have been involved in those.

The initial coverage of the laptop leaks by The New York Post was immediately censored by Twitter, with the outlet’s account getting suspended for 16 days, ostensibly due to some Twitter rule on not using “hacking” materials.

Liberal Media Lied

However, mainstream media either ignored the story or blamed it on “Russian disinformation,” hiding the truth from the American voters right ahead of the 2020 presidential election.

Earlier this year, Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg admitted in a Joe Rogan interview that the FBI had pressured his social media platform to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story.

Yoel Roth, who conservative news outlets have characterized as a “far-left extremist,” was Twitter’s head of “Trust and Safety” until early last month when he quit after the world’s richest person, Elon Musk, took over the microblogging platform in a $44 billion deal.

Roth’s admission came as Musk suggested he may shortly make public internal corporate documents that would reveal the truth about the 2020 censorship of the Hunter Biden laptop revelations by the social media platform.

(Social media video snapshot)

Too Little, Too Late

Twitter’s Marxist-Communist former “trust and safety” chief Yoel Roth admitted that the laptop story cover-up was “a mistake” in an interview by journalist Kara Swisher, as cited by The Daily Mail.

To justify the vicious censoring of the truth about Hunter and Joe Biden, however, Roth argued that at the time, the social media platform had no way of verifying the authenticity of the laptop leaks – never mind that the staff of The New York Post had already done that for it.

“There was smoke,” the former Commie Twitter executive insisted, claiming that “we” had no idea “what to believe” when the Post broke the Hunter Biden story based on materials from his “laptop from hell.”

Roth claimed he never got to a place where he felt “comfortable” removing “this content from Twitter.”

However, he asserted the NYP report had “set off” all of his “alarm bells” on “hack and leak campaign” reports.

Even so, Roth alleged that he never thought the laptop story should have been deleted from Twitter.

Last year, Twitter’s then-CEO, Jack Dorsey, already declared the laptop story censorship in 2020 to have been a “total mistake” but blamed it on the platform’s “incorrect interpretation” of its own “hacked materials policy.”