Commie China Stages Aggressive Nuclear Buildup to Triple Warheads, Mock America


Communist China is working to more than triple its nuclear weapons arsenal by 2035 in an aggressive buildup while also mocking the United States for Democrat President Joseph “Kabul Joe” Biden’s already sufficiently humiliating loss of the 20-year-long war in Afghanistan.

Giant Commie Nuke Pileup Raising Red Alerts

Both developments – Commie China’s plan to have almost four times as many warheads in 12 years and its use of America’s loss in Afghanistan as a propaganda weapon – have been disclosed by a report of the US Department of Defense.

The Pentagon’s annual review of China’s military capabilities released on Tuesday declared the Communist dictatorship of 1.4 billion people the most significant security and defense challenge to the United States, mainly as Beijing doesn’t hide its ambitions to remake the global order to its liking.

According to the new Pentagon report, the People’s Republic of China, which used to have a nuclear warhead stockpile of only about 200-300, has set out to boost its nuclear force.

Thus, China has already surpassed 400 nukes and will accumulate 1,500 warheads by 2035 if it keeps progressing along the trajectory, the US Department of Defense said in the document.

How Many Nukes is Too Many?

The figure in question is still smaller than the nuclear arsenal of America’s other main great power enemy, Russia, which has several thousand nukes at least on paper – and the ludicrous performance of the Russian military in atrocious dictator Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine has called into question the quality of Moscow’s nuclear forces.

Even so, if Communist China – led by its owner, bloody dictator Xi Jinping – acquires 1,500 nukes by 2035, that would mean nearly quadrupling its nuclear arsenal in 12 years.

Besides the numerical spike in Beijing’s nuclear warheads, the US Defense Department noted the Chinese Commies are hectically modernizing their ballistic missiles, the primary venue for delivering nuclear payloads.

Thus, in 2021, China performed 135 missile tests, which was more than the entire rest of the world combined.

The Pentagon said further that the Commies’ military had taken up a “more coercive and aggressive” stance in the entire Indo-Pacific region.

Beijing’s primary target remains Taiwan, the self-ruling democratic and wealthy island officially called the “Republic of China,” which the mainland Communists claim as their territory.

After Kabul Joe’s Afghan War Defeat – What Were We Thinking?

In its report on China’s military capabilities, the US Defense Department admitted to some of the humiliating but logical and completely expected consequences from Kabul Joe’s loss of America’s 20-year-long war on terror in Afghanistan last year.

Namely, the Beijing Communists are utilizing Biden’s defeat – which saw the immediate reconquest of all of Afghanistan by the Taliban terrorists – as a giant propaganda tool against the United States of America.

Thus, the Chinese Communist Party and its minions at home and abroad have been using Kabul Joe’s apocalyptic Afghanistan withdrawal to paint the United States as a “declining power” and an “unreliable partner.”

Such propaganda has been employed by Chinese officials of the highest level – including Beijing’s diplomats abroad.

It was only logical to expect America’s enemies to take good advantage of Biden’s disastrous Afghan war retreat, which may have even been the decisive weakness-projecting factor that emboldened Putin’s Russia to attack the Free World starting in Ukraine.

The Pentagon’s report described Commie China as the only US enemy capable of reshaping the world order. It came barely two weeks after Biden met with Chinese dictator Xi at the G-20 in Indonesia.