Famous Wrestler Puts the Moves on Unlucky Home Intruder


Professional wrestling has a lot of performance involved. For that reason, some people disagree about how real it is. Though Hacksaw Jim Duggan recently proved that those who get into the ring know what they’re doing.

The reason is Duggan had to defend himself earlier this month after a home intruder decided to break into his South Carolina residence.

However, there’s a twist…

What Happened?

On Dec. 8, Duggan heard noises at his South Carolina home while he and his wife were trying to relax. He went to look at what was happening and saw a young man had broken in through their entrance.

It was at this point that Duggan sprang into action, tackling the man to the ground and holding his .44 handgun on him.

The man claimed a gang was after him, trying to kill him, and that’s why he’d broken in. He said he was trying to get away from dangerous people.

Hearing more commotion outside, Duggan went and unplugged his Christmas lights as well to make the home less of an easy target. He told his captive to stay quiet.

The local sheriff’s deputies arrived to take the intruder to jail soon after. They are investigating his claims that he was in danger and didn’t break in for any malicious purposes.

In the aftermath of the dramatic incident, Duggan says “thank God” the incident didn’t turn deadly and he didn’t discharge his firearm.

Duggan Thanks Cops

Thanking police for their fast and “professional” response to his call, Duggan said he and his wife, Debra, are relieved that things didn’t turn out much worse.

He noted she’d been the one who called authorities, while he kept the intruder subdued and trained his gun on him.

Duggan was the first man to win the Royal Rumble in the late 1980s. He was also a heavyweight champ in the World Championship Wrestling league.

He was especially famous for showing up with a 2×4 board and beating his opponents with lumber.

In this case, it looks like the intruder got lucky that he only was held at gunpoint, because in another situation, he could have been thwacked with a stiff board.

In any case, it’s good news that Duggan and his wife are safe and unharmed here. It’s also reassuring that Duggan knows his gun rights and protected himself like a true American.

This is the kind of story that certainly could have turned out much worse, but let’s be thankful cooler heads prevailed and nobody was harmed.

Incident Under Investigation

As mentioned, this incident is under investigation and the intruder’s motives are being looked into. It’s certainly not the Christmas present anybody would want to enter a home and find one of the world’s toughest wrestlers coming at you.