Galactic Franchise Creator Fires Back at Critics Who Accuse “Star Wars” of Lacking Diversity


In a galaxy far, far away, the beloved franchise "Star Wars" has sparked controversy yet again. This time, it's not about the latest plot twist or character development, but rather the lack of diversity within the franchise. However, the creator of this cultural phenomenon, who has remained relatively silent on the matter, has finally broken his silence and is not holding back.

Many critics have pointed out the apparent lack of representation in the "Star Wars" universe, with most of the main characters being portrayed by white actors. This has led to accusations of the franchise not being inclusive enough, with some even going as far as to claim that it is "too alien-centric." But George Lucas, the mastermind behind this epic saga, is not one to shy away from addressing these claims head-on.

In a recent interview, Lucas slammed the critics and defended his decision to include a diverse range of alien characters in the franchise. He argued that "Star Wars" is a fictional universe that goes beyond the limitations of race and human representation. He further explained that the use of aliens in the films allows for a broader and more imaginative portrayal of different species, cultures, and backgrounds.

Moreover, Lucas pointed out that the franchise has always been inclusive in terms of gender and introduced strong female characters such as Princess Leia, Rey, and Jyn Erso. He also highlighted the diverse casting choices for the prequel trilogy, where actors of different ethnicities played major roles. He emphasized that the goal of "Star Wars" was never to focus on one particular race but rather to celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of all beings in the galaxy.

Furthermore, the creator also addressed the criticism regarding the lack of diversity behind the camera. He acknowledged that there is still work to be done in terms of representation in the film industry, but he believes that "Star Wars" has always been ahead of its time in terms of diversity, both in front and behind the camera.

He highlighted the diverse team of writers, directors, and crew members who have worked on the franchise, including himself, and stressed that their identities should not define their abilities.

Lucas also addressed the idea of "political correctness" and how it has affected the franchise. He argued that the criticism of the lack of diversity in "Star Wars" is not only unfounded but also takes away from the essence of the story. He stated that the core message of the franchise is about unity, acceptance, and fighting against oppression, regardless of one's race or species.

In the end, Lucas made it clear that "Star Wars" is a fictional world that should not be limited by real-world concepts such as race and diversity. He believes that the franchise has always been and will continue to be a diverse and inclusive universe that celebrates the differences and similarities of all beings. So, let's not forget the true essence of "Star Wars" and continue to enjoy this epic saga for what it truly represents – a celebration of diversity and inclusivity in all its forms.

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  1. So 50 years before the movement, people were to be expected to display racial diversity. It seems that every time another story appears were being blamed for civil attitudes that existed before we did. How is this even germane?

  2. The more woke the actors are, the less the public wants to see their crap. Look what happened to Disney. Disney is suffering for their own woke crap they put out and at their them parks. None of them ever learn!

    • Ok, sick and tired of DEI. You’re seeing too many things going horrible wrong when you don’t hire for skill, talent or common sense. Now they tell us that doctor’s aren’t really equipped to be doctors because they we’re hired or allowed into colleges because of _________________fill in the blank.

  3. For God’s sake, don’t you woke people have anything else to do but look for BS excuses to complain about some obscure issue – HELLO . . . this is sci fi “fiction” – the easiest solution here is much like watching TV, if you don’t like it . . . turn the channel – the world isn’t going to make changes to everything just to suit the people who make a career out of finding fault with EVERYTHING.

  4. The story is the work of it’s creator. There is no room for someone else to grind their axe in his creation. Once someone else dictates their notion of what the story should be, it is no longer the creation of it’s creator, but a bastardized version of what someone else thinks the story is all about. Greatest entertainment has been achieved by the creators of this series and does not need to be diluted by today’s political correctness.


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