Harry Potter Author JK Rowling Says Cancel Culture Made Her Even Richer


Harry Potter is one of the most successful fiction book series of all time and has sold over 500 million copies worldwide.

Its author JK Rowling is a liberal woman who supports women and caring for the disadvantaged and downtrodden in society.

Her books about Potter are, in a way, about the triumph of those who are different and unrecognized in “normal” society.

But Rowling made a lot of people very angry several years ago when she stated that she believes in science and doesn’t believe that men can become women and vice versa.

That’s when she was hit by cancel culture, death threats and media boycotts. Now Rowling has opened up about the impact of cancel culture on her life:

First and Foremost: It Made Her Even Richer!

As Rowling says, the biggest surprise about cancel culture and the crusade to take her down was that it actually cranked up her book sales by quite a lot.

The LGBT lobby’s more extreme members and their tactics to silence, bully and threaten Rowling not only did not work, they actually made her stronger.

As Rowling is now admitting, speaking out about cancel culture made her book sales soar.

When you’re already one of the most famous writers in the world, getting even more famous and selling even more books never hurts!

Even if some of those sales were haters just buying the books to burn them, that’s still money in Rowling’s pocket!

She can now give even more money to foundations and organizations she agrees with, speak her mind even more clearly and stand up for what she believes in, which includes women’s rights and helping kids.

What This Means For Patriots

JK Rowling agrees with many parts of feminism and is a liberal, modern woman.

However, her success in getting rich off cancel culture has a big lesson for patriots and conservatives.

The lesson is twofold.

One: if you’re too big to be cancelled, getting cancelled just makes you stronger.

Two: if you control the institutions in society (publishing houses, media, finances, etc) then you don’t get cancelled.

Rowling didn’t control her publisher, but there’s no way they wanted to drop her over some angry people with blue hair.

When you build up your power and have strong allies, you become uncancellable. When you feed at the trough of the networks, publications and institutions that are run by your ideological opponents, you set yourself up for failure.

It’s really as simple as that.

Conservatives need to build their own power network of business, media and culture.


Rowling has never been more successful. Her standing up to the woke lobby may look like no big deal to some, but it’s very brave and she’s shown a way for conservatives and patriots to stay strong and even get stronger in the face of leftist extremism.