Seattle to Allow Illegal Immigrants to Join Police Department Amid Staffing Crisis


Seattle, a city grappling with a severe police staffing crisis, has taken the controversial step of allowing illegal immigrants under the DACA program to join its police force. This move follows similar decisions in other progressive cities like Los Angeles.

The initiative is part of a broader strategy to address the critical shortage of officers, which has reached levels not seen in decades.

Seattle's police department has been facing significant understaffing, with only 424 officers as of December 2023, the lowest number in 67 years. This shortage has led to a 40% decrease in detectives available for vital investigative work and increased overtime expenses​​.

In response, Mayor Bruce Harrell and Interim Police Chief Adrian Diaz have launched a new recruitment strategy, offering hiring incentives up to $30,000 for lateral transfers and $7,500 for new recruits. The plan also includes reimbursing relocation expenses to attract more candidates​​.

The decision to include DACA recipients, commonly known as "Dreamers," is facilitated by Senate Bill 6157, signed by Governor Jay Inslee. This bill allows these individuals to apply for police positions despite their undocumented status. The Biden administration's ATF has ruled that DACA recipients can carry duty firearms, addressing one of the primary legal hurdles.

Critics argue that this move undermines the rule of law by placing individuals who entered the country illegally in positions of authority. Law Enforcement Today has reported concerns that this policy sends a mixed message and could potentially compromise public trust in law enforcement​​. Additionally, some fear that hiring DACA recipients might expose the department to risks associated with divided loyalties or pressure from external entities​​.

Supporters, however, claim that this approach is necessary to fill the ranks of the police force and reflect the city's diverse community. They argue that DACA recipients, who have undergone extensive background checks and are often deeply rooted in their communities, can bring valuable perspectives and skills to the police force​.

This decision has sparked a heated debate, reflecting broader national tensions over immigration and law enforcement policies. While Seattle's leadership is pushing forward with these reforms to restore the police department's effectiveness, the long-term impacts of integrating DACA recipients into law enforcement remain to be seen.


  1. If an illegal invader pulls a gun on an American citizen, they should be either ignored or if they are blindingly stupid,then hurt comes next. No matter what costume you put on them, they are still illegal {NOW ARMED} invaders, and deserve as bad a time as can be managed. They will never be treated with any vestige of respect!

  2. Illegals are not US Citizens and should not have any job without going through the LEGAL US IMMIGRATION PROCESS to become a legal US Citizen. If this is the case where a city government hired illegals then they violated FEDERAL LAW and should be prosecuted. Matter of fact the whole city of Seattle needs a major clean up to rid “STUPID LEADERS” and have “COMMON SENSE LEADERS” people in charge of the city and state. – I bet this will change real fast after the first of next year.


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