IRAN NUKES: How Close Are We To A Nuclear Iran?


Tensions are flaring in the Middle East as US ally Saudi Arabia says “all bets are off” if Iran gets a nuclear weapon.

Iran is one of the most anti-American nations in the world, apart from North Korea, and has been working for decades to develop nuclear weapons.

Despite repeated warnings from Israel, Saudi Arabia, and other allies, Iran was able to score more time under President Obama and is now testing its luck under Biden, as well.

Unsurprisingly, weak leadership has real consequences.

Saudi Foreign Minister Issues Threat

Faisal al Saud is Saudi Arabia’s Foreign Minister and recently issued a stark threat against Iran at an international political meeting in Abu Dhabi, UAE.

According to him, “all bets are off” if Iran has a deliverable nuke ready to launch and Saudi Arabia will do whatever is necessary to stop them.

President Trump left the Iran Nuclear Deal in 2018, calling it one of the worst deals in history and saying it let the extremist nation keep developing its nukes.

The deal was made in 2015 and intended to provide oversight and inspections to prevent Iran from going nuclear in its military programs.

Iran is currently continuing to work on enriching uranium and despite claims that it’s for medicine, even the head of the UN’s nuclear inspections agency says he doubts that is true.

Iran has repeatedly threatened America and Israel, referring to its status as a Jewish state as an illegitimate “entity” and occupation, and saying it must be erased from the map.

Iran Being Unreasonable?

Despite his administration being packed with Ivy League academics who have little experience in the real world, even Biden’s team has been unhappy with Iran.

The nuclear deal is in the process of trying to be renegotiated, but even the Biden regime says Iran is being “unreasonable” in what it’s asking for in the deal.

Iran’s regime is currently in the middle of putting down protests that occurred against its theocratic government after the death of 22-year-old Mahsa Amini, who was arrested for not wearing her hijab.

For his part, Saudi FM Faisal is not against the deal entirely with Iran, but believes it must put a lot stronger pressure on them and said he’s “skeptical” about trying to make it an easy answer to the current tensions.

‘Not Very Positive’

Saudi FM Faisal says the current signs are “not very positive” from Tehran, and that he does not actually believe them about not wanting a nuclear weapons program.

What’s clear at this point is that America’s sorely lacking leadership in the world is having really bad consequences.

Even worse, how can Biden morally speak out against Iran’s crackdown on protests when his regime is viciously prosecuting anyone who even took a selfie on January 6?