SICK MURDER CASE Shows How Far US Justice Has Fallen


There are times when crimes are still shocking, even in our brutal day and age.

The brutality and insanity of the human being comes to the brink of madness at times, and this case here is especially difficult to read.

On November 27, 2017, in Jacksonville, North Carolina, little Mariah Woods, who was just three years old, was reported missing. What happened next in the investigation is absolutely horrific.

Mariah Goes Missing

Adolphus Earl Kimrey, the boyfriend of little Mariah’s mother, made the complaint.

At the time, several people volunteered to help in the search for the girl. In all, more than 700 people have joined forces in the search for Mariah.

Tragically, a week after her disappearance, Mariah’s body was found by a diver at a place called Shelter Creek. The small body was found inside a sofa cushion.

Only now, five years after the disappearance of little Mariah, the mystery of her death comes to an end.

Kimrey admitted to killing his girlfriend’s daughter using chloroform. He claims to have used such a substance to avoid the death penalty if convicted. Kimrey also said that after killing the little girl he smoked methamphetamine.

Witness Comes Forward

According to a witness, he said he saw Kimrey, the night before he disappeared, getting into a van and carrying a strange bag.

Through a search warrant, police searched Kimrey’s vehicle. Inside the van, police found several suspicious objects.

At the suspect’s home, important items were found and seized for the investigation that was likely used at the scene of the murder as well.

In the house, the items that caught the most attention from the police were a shovel, syringes, duct tape, and bleach.

With the autopsy of Woods’ body, it was possible to detect that the cause of her death was chloroform poisoning. Kimrey eventually pleaded guilty to Woods’ death.

Kimrey Gets Sentenced

On Monday, December 12, Ernie Lee, the prosecutor in the case, said Kimrey already reported how Woods’ death occurred.

In a conversation with two inmates, Kimrey said he had a habit of making the child sleep with chloroform so he could use meth in peace. Kimrey said this was commonplace, but Kristy Chavez, the child’s mother, never knew it.

In court, Chavez said she will always remember his daughter and how much she loves her. She ended her speech by saying her family will never be the same without Mariah’s presence.

Kimrey, who was found guilty of first-degree murder, is sentenced to be imprisoned for the rest of his life without parole.

This kind of crime truly makes one shake their head in disbelief. How was this man allowed to walk free in society as such a menace that he took the life of this young girl just so he could use drugs in peace?

Do you think the sentence is fair or should he be getting the death penalty?