ANTI-TRUMP FANATICS Are a Threat to Democracy


Although Donald Trump has declared his intention to run for President in the 2024 elections, he never left the spotlight, or politics, and remained engaged and vocal on many issues.

Democrats Wage War on Trump

This is probably what led to the bullseye being painted on his back since the day he first started campaigning for President all those years ago. He has been plagued by legal battles ever since and the very obvious attempts to banish him from politics are continuous.

Let’s not forget that Trump is the first President to ever face impeachment. The infamous events of January 6 are what sealed his fate, even though many have forgotten that Trump insisted that all protests must be peaceful and respectful. Yet, he was still held responsible for the actions of the crowd.

Conservative radio personality Jesse Kelly said on Twitter that measures to stop Donald Trump from getting elected, to overthrow him when he has already won, and to prevent him from becoming elected again have caused significant damage to American society.

Weaponizing the DOJ and FBI

She has a point, we’ve seen Democrats standardize the aggressive weaponization of government bodies to defeat their adversaries by any means necessary, this is establishing a foundation for years of political conflict with the capacity to intensify in a perilous manner.

A great example of this is the memorable speech delivered by Joe Biden on the 1st of September, which reminded a lot of people of Adolf Hilter’s speeches in Nazi Germany set against red and black backdrops and accompanied by military personnel.

Biden too, stood with Marines lined up behind him. The U.S. military has never been politicized in such a manner before in American history. Ironically, this is something Biden vowed never to do.

In his speech, Biden asserted that Trump and his voters are a threat to the freedoms of America. It sounded more like a declaration of war on his own countrymen than an attempt to win voters over from the Republicans.

Despite to these routinely hysterical allegations from Democrats and the woke media, it is the leadership’s approach, with consecutive witch hunts, that promises to damage American democracy.

No Trust Left In Government

It’s this rhetoric that has led to trust in the government being greatly diminished. According to Pew Research Center, faith in government continues to drop to record lows.

Gallup research reveals that less than one in ten Americans have a good deal of faith and trust in the press, compared to around one in five Americans who approve of Congress.

These statistics worsened after the FBI raided the home of Donald Trump as a new survey showed that 4 out of 5 Americans now see the justice system as being two-tiered and being politically motivated.

The obvious conclusion drawn from this is that the more that Democrats pursue Trump, the less trust and faith the American public seem to have in their government.