California May Hand Out $570 Billion in ‘Slavery Reparations’ – For Starters


A task force on the so-called “slavery reparations” set up by California’s wokeist governor, Gavin Newsom, is recommending handing close to $600 billion, a sum bigger than the state’s annual budget, to its black residents for “housing discrimination.”

Woke Folks Want To Force Through Marxist Reparations 

If it gets approved by the state governor, California’s proposed giant “slavery reparation” payment – which is, in fact, for housing discrimination, rather than pre-1863 slavery – would be the biggest of its kind and unprecedented in the United States – or anywhere in the world, for that matter.

Despite being highly controversial and practically impossible to settle in any manner that makes logical or “historical” sense, the issue of “reparations” for the slavery of black Americans has been one of the top demands of the wokeist Marxist-Communist progressivists, who have gripped the Democratic Party from the inside.

According to the recommendation of California’s “Reparations Task Force,” each of the 2.5 million black residents of the state is supposed to receive a “housing discrimination” compensation of $223,200.

When Is This All Going Down?

The recommendation is yet to be made official and has been disclosed by a New York Times report, as cited by The Daily Mail. 

More specifically, the money is supposed to compensate the black Californians for housing setbacks they or their predecessors experienced between 1933 and 1977. 

The proposed housing “slavery reparations” sum of $569 billion is more than California’s entire state spending, which amounted to “only” $512.8 billion in 2021. 

The report notes, however, that Gavin Newsom’s nine-member reparations panel is still undecided on how the massive payouts should be provided. 

Some of the panel members insist on cash payments, while others argue in favor of housing and tuition grants. 

California May Be Paying Equivalent of Its $3.4 Trillion GDP

However, the recommended payout of nearly $600 billion for housing compensations to black Californians may be only a fraction of what the wokeist-run state may be demanded to pay on slavery.” 

That is because “housing discrimination” is only one of a total of five “causes for reparations,” which Newsom’s task force has “identified.” 

There are four other non-slavery “slavery reparation” areas the panel is yet to consider: unjust property seizures, health care, mass incarceration, and devaluation of black-owned businesses. 

If the reparations task force recommends similar payouts in each one of those areas, the state of California may be demanded to pay its black residents a sum roughly equal to its entire annual Gross Domestic Product – which amounted to $3.37 trillion in 2021.

While California is present the nation’s most populous state, with the largest GDP and the fifth biggest economy in the world – after the USA, China, Japan, and Germany – it remains bewildering how the state could even try to afford such payments, even if one presumes that historical “slavery reparations” make any sense and that those could be “calculated” in some kind of an even remotely fair manner. 

California’s task force is supposed to submit its final recommendations to the state’s legislature by June 2023. 

The mind-blowing and first-ever figure to emerge from Newsom’s panel came after it held meetings with black communities in the state to understand slavery’s “economic impact.” 

According to Jovan Scott Lewis, a Berkeley professor and one of the nine task force members, the panel is “looking at reparations,” which would be on the largest scale “since Reconstruction.”