Ethics Investigation into Democrat Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Underway


Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) is under investigation by the House Ethics Committee. This announcement was made discretely on Wednesday this week.

AOC Being Investigated For Potential Wrongdoing

The announcement was made by a ranking member and chairperson as per the requirements of the law. It’s important to note that this announcement is not a declaration of guilt but merely disclosing the fact that an investigation is underway.

In order for there to be an investigation, the committee has to have enough evidence to warrant a thorough investigation into Ocasio-Cortez. It will be rather interesting to see where the investigation leads considering Ocasio-Cortez is one of the Democrat’s “hot shots”.

What has caused this investigation, and what Ocasio-Cortez is being accused of has not yet been revealed despite many theories doing the rounds.

Many have suggested that the investigation is due to Ocasio-Cortez attending the Met Gala in a dress that said “tax the rich”. Others say that the real issue is that it’s likely that the dress and the expensive seats to the gala were given to her. If that is true then that certainly warrants an investigation as it would count as improper gifts under ethics and campaign finance rules.

The American Accountability Foundation has already filed a lawsuit along these lines, citing the $35,000-$50,000 price range for event tickets. Since Ocasio-Cortez has frequently disparaged her congressional pay, it seems highly unlikely that she purchased the seats and clothing using her own funds.

Where Did AOC Get the Money?

Knowing this, it begs the following questions; where did she acquire the dress and tickets, or was the money used to purchase their campaign money? Would this also be unlawful?

Cortez has responded to the announcement by denying any wrongdoing on her part. Her spokesperson made it clear that the investigation would be fruitless and would end up being canceled.

Regardless of what her spokesperson says, it does seem bizarre that someone earning just below $200,000 a year could afford to attend such a prestigious event as well as maintaining a lifestyle similar to those celebrities she got to mingle with. Something definitely doesn’t add up there.

The Bottom Line

However, this investigation will be run by Republicans as it is being pushed to the 118th Congress. If there’s one thing we know for sure, with Republicans leading the investigation it is sure to be thorough, and fair, and all untoward dealings will be brought to light if there are any.

Interestingly enough, some Twitter users are pointing out the hypocrisy of her “tax the rich” dress by stating that she ended up voting with republicans against that policy to tax the wealthy.

Others seem unsurprised by the announcement of the investigation saying that it’s about time that people took notice of the inconsistencies.