The Georgia Senate runoff takes place on Dec. 6 between incumbent Dem Raphael Warnock and GOP challenger Herschel Walker.

The Democrats already have control of the Senate, but getting Warnock in would still be nice padding for them to get a majority.

Walker, meanwhile, has been shadowed by various accusations of his past mental health struggles and treatment of family members. There have also been accusations that he pressured an ex girlfriend into an abortion and paid for it.

Now new accusations are dropping against Walker from a former girlfriend of his, and his odds of winning are beginning to drop sharply.

What Are the New Accusations?

Cheryl Parsa dated Walker from 2004 to 2009. She says that the football legend is a well-meaning man but is truly mentally “unstable” and gets out of control if he’s not getting intensive counselling and therapy.

In particular, she is opening up about a 2005 crisis when Walker allegedly started choking her after she caught him cheating.

According to Parsa, she was very supportive of him during their time together and tried to help him stay stable as he struggled with his diagnosis of Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID).

This disorder, formerly known as MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder, can be extremely disturbing and involve an individual switching into various personalities and even forgetting what a previous one of their selves said or did.

According to Parsa, Walker intentionally makes use of his illness to manipulate and confuse people and also lies constantly.

What Does Parsa Say Happened?

According to Parsa, she caught Walker cheating on her in Dallas in 2005 after coming in their apartment and seeing him with another lady. He got extremely angry and placed his hands on her, also trying to punch her.

Fearful he would seriously assault her, Parsa says the memory still traumatizes her.

Five other women have also come forward describing Walker as unstable, violent, and out of control, although his team hasn’t commented on any of the allegations nor on Parsa’s new claims.

Various accusations of domestic violence have come up against Walker including before he decided to run last summer when an interview with his ex-wife surfaced where she’d said he’s violent.

In his 2008 book Breaking Free Walker talks about what it’s like to suffer from DID, but says he has completely conquered the illness and is fully cured and no longer in treatment for it.

The Bottom Line

Walker’s personal life and personal problems are his own business. Yet at the same time the mental cogency of a candidate definitely is relevant and important.

The same standard should be applied to Joe Biden who clearly suffers from senility and is not mentally sound to serve as POTUS.

As for these accusations? They certainly are timed just right for the Democrats to try to snatch this runoff, yet at the same time they may well be true. Voters will have to decide if they can still hold their nose and vote for Walker or not.