Kremlin in Chaos After a Bombshell ‘Presidential Lockdown Decree’ Leak


Is Russia becoming a full dictatorship? All signs point to yes.

As domestic issues mount and the Russian military struggles to maintain its tenuous hold on Ukraine, Russia looks to have come a significant step closer to becoming North Korea.

The Russian news source Baza claimed on Wednesday that male personnel of the Russian presidency are no longer permitted to go overseas after one employee allegedly never returned.

Moscow Denies Explosive Charges

According to anonymous sources, the government has issued an order stating that the prohibition would remain in force until limitations related to “mobilization” are abolished.

Reportedly, even international trips are now restricted for members of Vladimir Putin’s inner circle. According to the news source, it is probable that this is a preventive step since there is a conspiracy theory among federal officials that this need arose following the ‘escape’ of a worker from one of the divisions.

The Kremlin refuted allegations, with Dmitry Peskov informing RIA Novosti that the news was completely false.

However, the paper was released as Moscow looked to be making more efforts to suppress domestic opposition and ramping up its war rhetoric.

Upping the Ante

The findings of a confidential opinion survey done at the order of Kremlin emerged on Wednesday, revealing a more than a twofold decline in backing for prolonging the war among average Russians.

As per Meduza, Putin’s intelligence head looked to be trying to increase the ante.

The data obtained by the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service implies that Warsaw is intensifying plans. It is planning for the annexation of Ukrainian Western territory:

The province of Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, and the majority of the Ternopil province of Ukraine, Sergei Naryshkin asserted in an interview with RIA Novosti, reiterating a Kremlin hoax that experts say is intended to sow discord among Ukraine’s allied forces and incite NATO.

Poland has consistently denied any interest in Ukrainian territory.

The Harsh Truth About Russia’s War in Ukraine

The assertion looked to be a much-needed diversion from Russia’s own shortcomings on the battleground as more and more mothers of Russian draftees spoke out against the botched war effort nine months after it began.

Wednesday’s analysis from the British security research tank RUSI put the Russian military’s defeats in plain view. “Russia intended to attack Ukraine during a 10-day period and then occupy the nation until August 2022,” according to academics.

Officials in Russia are hell-bent on maintaining popular support, even though the fictitious deadline has passed.

The Russian Culture Ministry officially launched its “priority” motifs for movie making in the country on Wednesday, offering state funding for films focusing on “traditional values” in Russian culture; Russia’s peacekeeping force; Popularization of the bravery and self-sacrifice of Russian soldiers all through the special ground offensive; and the degeneration of Europe.

While Russian families and service members have been vocal in the media about the ongoing military blunders affecting recruits, this may all change on Friday when new legislation takes effect, essentially silencing any would-be critics much more than the present regulations do.

The Federal Security Service’s order effectively prohibits the dissemination of any material regarding the military since any revelations pose a threat to national security.

“This is a plague for all writers of Internet-based movies and claims concerning poor circumstances for the mobilized troops.” Sergei Krivenko, president of the human rights organization Citizen.Army.Law said in a statement to Radio Free Europe that the government is once again tightening its grip.