Musk Releases Evidence That Twitter Censored Hunter Biden Laptop Story Without Cause


Twitter “just freelanced” its unfounded judgment to regulate The Post’s controversial Hunter Biden laptop story in the weeks before the 2020 election.

This comes according to damning internal memos published by CEO Elon Musk on Friday. Top-level employees at the social media company agreed that the ridiculous decision was “f–ked,” the communications reveal.

Staff Emails Reveal All

The turmoil and uncertainty within Twitter in the wake of the October 2020 Hunter Biden exposé indicates that a tiny group of top-level executives chose, without verification, to classify the Post’s piece as “hacked content” — behind the back of then-CEO and founder Jack Dorsey.

Musk posted a link to the profile of investigative reporter Matt Taibbi soon after 6 p.m., who put a spotlight on Twitter’s questionable censoring choice by revealing what looked to be a correspondence between Twitter workers that had been censored.

As per Taibbi, the choice to edit The Post’s article was taken at the highest ranks of the firm, albeit without Dorsey’s knowledge.

According to Taibbi, the internal messages demonstrate exactly how much was done outside CEO Jack Dorsey’s awareness and the time it took for the problem to get “unf–ked” (as one staffer put it) even after Dorsey intervened.

Damning Evidence

As according to Taibbi, Vijaya Gadde, Twitter’s former chief of legal, policy, and trust, had a “major role” in the filtering judgment.

Former Twitter workers’ incriminating emails and statements demonstrated that everyone was aware of the social media titan’s censorship of The Post’s reports concerning Hunter Biden’s notorious laptop.

Also according to Taibbi, the firm’s dubious justification for the unprecedented filtering was that the report broke its “hacked materials” rule, which was challenged by several employees.

Numerous Twitter insiders allegedly informed Taibbi that they recall hearing a “broad” caution from federal law enforcement about foreigner hackers in the summer of 2022, but there is no indication of government participation in The Post’s article on Hunter Biden’s computer.

Based on a former employee, hacking was the pretext, but after a couple of hours, nearly everyone recognized that it was false. But nobody had the courage to overturn it the decision.

An ex-employee informed Taibbi that the choice was made by simply contracting out the work.

The decision perplexed executives at the highest level.

Trenton Kennedy, a communications specialist, reportedly sent an email message to coworkers stating that he failed to see the policy rationale for designating this as dangerous.

Political Persecution Of the Worst Kind

Former Twitter Deputy General Counsel Jim Baker commented that it is logical to presume that the files were compromised and that precaution is advised.

Can we say that this is a policy component with integrity?

Regarding Twitter’s official position on the Hunter story, a former employee told Taibbi that everybody knew it was “f—ed.”

As per Taibbi, the social media business made unusual efforts to conceal The Post’s Hunter Biden laptop story by deleting user-shared links to the exposé and putting advisories that it could be “unsafe.”