Musk Schools Trump amid Hunter Biden Laptop Censorship Leaks


Twitter’s new owner Elon Musk countered a call by former President Donald Trump to reverse the results from the 2020 election by “terminating” election rules in the Constitution.

This was motivated by Musk’s own leak of internal Twitter records showing the platform colluded with the Democrats and Joe Biden’s team to censor the Hunter Biden laptop story right ahead of the vote.

Musk Gives Trump an ‘End of Story’

Musk’s rebuttal of Trump’s call came on Sunday, in a single tweet of two short sentences, as the world’s richest person stated that no President was “greater” than the Constitution, garnishing that with an “end of story.”

Musk’s strong reaction came after, on Saturday, the 45th President of the United States expressed his indignation over how in October 2020, Twitter seemingly colluded with the Biden campaign and the Democratic Party to cover up the leaks from Hunter Biden’s “laptop from hell.”

The collusion in question likely cost Trump a second White House term as the argument could be made that he would have won an unconditional victory in the 2020 election had the American public been widely informed of the Hunter Biden laptop’s contents.

What’s On Hunter’s Laptop?

The materials found on prodigal First Son’s laptop after it was abandoned in a Delaware computer shop in 2019 have exposed his addiction to prostitutes, alcohol, and drugs.

They also had material about his highly suspicious business dealings with entities from Communist China and Putin’s Russia, among others – in which Joe Biden himself may have played a part.

The so-called Twitter Files – internal corporate records that Elon Musk provided to investigative journalist Matt Taibbi – show that Twitter staffers received direct instructions from the Joe Biden team on which tweets to delete.

‘Rightful Winner’ Speculated on What Should Be Done

Triggered by the revelations, a seemingly agitated Trump wrote a series of posts on his social media platform, Truth Social, early Saturday morning, insisting that the “fraud and deception” in the 2020 election were so massive that they warrant the “termination of all rules” – including the Constitution’s election rules.

He argued that America’s Founding Fathers would never have wanted or condoned “false and fraudulent elections.” He wondered whether a new presidential vote should be held, or the 2020 election results should be annulled, and he should be declared the “rightful winner.”

Even as his own leaks revealed the collusion between social media and Joe Biden’s team ahead of the 2020 election, Elon Musk rebuffed POTUS 45’s speculations after quotes and screenshots of the latter’s Truth Social post began circulating on Twitter.

Musk was not alone in his intense reaction, however, as while the White House and the left expectedly seized the chance to bash Trump, Republican figures also criticized the former president.

US Rep. Mike Turner stated on CBS’s Face the Nation that he “vehemently disagree(d)” with Trump’s comments on “terminating” election rules in the Constitution because of the Twitter Files.

Turner argued the ex-president’s suggestions were “not consistent” with the oath of US government officials.