We don’t throw around the term “satanic” very much, unlike well-known media personality and political commentator, Matt Walsh.

Head Designer Worships Satan?

However, when describing Balenciaga, only the term “Satanic” will do.

And when we say that, we don’t only mean—or even especially mean—their most recent pedophilic marketing initiatives.

Yes, those would be demonic, but they pale in comparison to the wicked symbolism that underlies Lotta Volkova’s work as the brand’s principal designer.

It has come to light that she genuinely worships the Devil.

The Balenciaga tale has garnered a lot of attention since it is both surprising and captivating.

It is a complex tale involving superstars, harming kids, eating human beings, the devil worship, S&M, and haute couture.

Regardless of the significant amount of money involved, few want to halt the gravy train despite that being outrageous. Just slow it down for them so that they may taste the food, please.

Balenciaga Plays the Victim

Balenciaga was able to convince their friends at the NYT to write a piece blaming opponents of being Q Anon lackeys because they were in complete damage control mode.

While you might start to question if the conspiracy theorists are not really speaking the God’s plain truth once you delve deeper into this and other stories, this is certainly not the situation.

We haven’t had to look too far to find evidence of these theories, but prefer not to go any further for fear of falling down the rabbit hole.

Since it offers people license to overlook the fundamental truth of the situation, the Times article might help put an end to the dispute.

Balenciaga is involved in some sleazy, repulsive, and potentially unlawful activities, and consequently so all of the individuals who desire to connect themselves with the label. None of this is conspiracy talk. Keep reading if you have any reservations.

Posts Promoting Sexual Violence

The leaders of the group are, at the very minimum, nasty perverts who have pedophile tendencies, and possibly far worse. Lotta Volkova, the head designer of Balenciaga, likes to make light of eating human flesh in her own creations.

Volkova’s Instagram account, which unexpectedly became private as this story gained traction, is full of disturbing images that praise child cruelty and sexualize minors.

She moves in a social group that is obsessed with the same subjects and this theme has permeated all of her artistic pursuits. That rabbit hole has already been descended into by others.

You can get a sense of exactly who and what this individual is from a few photographs, and it’s not pretty. In fact, it’s downright disturbing for anyone with a moral compass.

In the comments section of a post she refers to herself as a cannibal and uses the hashtag #canniballotta, when referring to herself.

And then there’s the cannibal corpse T-shirt in the chapel shot that continues the idea.