UNDER ATTACK: Power Grid Being Sabotaged Across America

The governmental Department of Homeland Security released an advisory just three days before two electrical transmission lines were shot up, resulting in the loss of electricity for tens of thousands of clients in North Carolina.

The announcement warned “lone perpetrators and organized numbers” may be planning attacks and the country’s critical systems may be one of their aims.

What’s Going on Here?

The prediction came true on Saturday when several power cuts were recorded across North Carolina as a result of someone or something shooting up the power plants in Moore County.

Up to 45,000 energy consumers were left without energy as a result of the incident, which led local authorities to issue an emergency declaration.

The “National Terrorist Advisory System Report” from DHS, published on Nov. 30, stated people and organizations are driven by a variety of ideologies and personal grudges “continue to represent a chronic and fatal challenge to the nation.”

The bulletin states “public meetings, faith-based organizations, the LGBTQI+ population, schools, racial, and religious groups, federal buildings and staff, U.S. vital infrastructure, the press, and imagined ideological adversaries” are among the potential targets of aggression.

The notice came after one from the National Security Agency in January. It warned since 2020, homegrown extremists had been formulating “serious, precise plans” to strike the energy grid.

The Moore County disruption is being investigated by police departments, but neither a suspect nor a motivation has been identified. Local authorities have called for the state’s network to be strengthened in order to prevent such attacks in the future.

For quite some time, assaults on the American electricity network have been discussed by extremists. However, in 2020, when a 14-page guide on low-tech attacks, such as shooting at power grids, circulated around these channels, the number of such attacks noticeably increased.

National News Coverage

Days before such an assault on a North Carolina facility, CNN reported on a Homeland Security Department advisory warning of an increased threat from homegrown violent extremists targeting key infrastructure.

An intelligence analysis cited by CNN earlier this year classified the US electricity network as an “attractive destination” for homegrown violent extremists.

Online discussions about attacks on the power system significantly increased in 2020, according to intelligence operatives.

Significantly in 2020, a 14-page manual on low-tech operations aimed to cause chaos, such as how to assault a power infrastructure with weapons, was published in a Telegram channel that accelerationist organizations used to expedite the fall of the US state.

DHS officers have used the memo, which CNN was able to get.

“A very wide area would have severe problems with the electricity network. The wacky how-to explains the transformers would be destroyed by armor-piercing shots fired at them.”

The author continues by outlining how severe outages would contribute to the end of civilization, which would be a significant accelerationist objective.

The paper states if the power goes out and lights don’t turn back on, “all hell will break loose, which will create the ideal environment for our species to once again reclaim what is rightfully ours.”